"Traditional" Lenovo has begun to shrink product line, play Internet Marketing

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this revealed that a message is the most important, Lenovo will finally open Internet marketing and promotion. This way has been millet mature operation for 3 years, the effect was extremely successful, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO attracted numerous manufacturers sought after. But Lenovo has not changed, or catwalk style conference, lack of network interaction, only open online sales. And due to the association of the line channel is very good, online channels can only be used as a supplement, mainly in line under the main.

Internet marketing effect is obvious to people, but Lenovo to VIBE  start a mode of Z, according to Feng Xing said, is the source of in the" awareness is not in place and several years of rapid growth of performance for Lenovo neglected". If you say the past is to learn Samsung, smashing channels and traditional marketing, and now is the Internet marketing who is outstanding who learn.

(Lenovo VIBE  Z)

Lenovo was released in products the hotel serves, presentation and display, released after the end users second days to buy the next line. And Z; VIBE  will not do so, in the first one or two months will be entirely dependent on the line, but also the pre-sale mode (first access to Z code), and then will be online and offline interactive sales. In the promotion will be more dependent on the line.

Lenovo also intends to cultivate fans, users use micro-blog win, said Feng Xing will spend time every day to their future business fans, he is still consider using VIBE  Z back to the first generation of music Phone users, in order to enhance the image of lenovo.

in the brand promotion strategy change, from the practical point of view, Lenovo and other manufacturers have not what is different, this change is more concerned, the bones of Lenovo is a Hard Suits Inc, the sale terminal to complete the transaction, Internet marketing can actually have much effect but also a question mark, after all, Lenovo's existing model has been very mature and successful.

style=" care about rankings Lenovo

Yang Yuanqing has used the famous" first peak "theory to prove the significance of the first fight. A major focus of the interview is Lenovo in   Gartner  statistical data, intelligent mobile phone shipments in Q3 in the top three, behind Samsung and apple, the share was 5.1%, fourth, five LG, HUAWEI. Although the latter three share even in   not much difference between, IDC  statistical version, HUAWEI is the third position.

although the difference is small, the two statistics agency data deviation, but at least that Lenovo Gartner in the world has made only to apple, Samsung's success and this is something worth showing off. Lenovo in the quarter a total of 12 million 900 thousand units sold 200 thousand sets of intelligent mobile phone, compared to the 2011 Q2 quarter, it is a world of difference. This is due to the success of the association of the localization strategy, operators channels, social channels to support.

with thousands of intelligent machines, the victory of the market, Lenovo in the operator market, which brings a lot of convenience to the subsequent models. This month to 28, Lenovo VIBE  Z will release Unicom custom machine, including zero purchase policy, the telecom version will be in a month after the listing.

Lenovo's triumph, largely due to the China market, Feng Xing said, lenovo mobile phone at least 90% of the market in the Chinese, about the equivalent of a quarter in Chinese shipped 11 million units. According to another analysis of Canalys's data, Lenovo in China accounted for 13% of the share, second only to Samsung's 21%.

more surprising is that in more than 200 million the population of Indonesia and the Southeast Asian market, Lenovo's share is growing fast, has exceeded the share in Indonesia Chinese market 13%.

China extremely dependent on the market, lenovo mobile phone market structure shows a very unbalanced situation, but in contrast, Lenovo's PC business more healthy the global market, are Qi Ping, stronger anti risk ability. Lenovo mobile phone international market is less than 10%, most of the distribution in Southeast Asia, and more important in Europe, East Asia, the United States and other markets are still far from open up the situation.

and ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo also began to walk the fine line, this is the reason the advent of VIBE . In Lenovo's official website, I counted a total of 75 models in the sale, although this can contribute to a good size for the association, but the cost, profit margins will be dragged back.

in VIBE  the brand before K, S, Lenovo, P, A four mobile phone product line, with the emergence of VIBE  K, P series is integrated into VIBE  Z and VIBE  X. Feng Xing said, Lenovo's boutique is not only to take the high road, it is implied that some opponents only go high-end line, Lenovo is full price segment coverage, just type less.

these changes in the next year will see that Lenovo is no longer the machine sea tactics, but pay more attention to the quality of. But the challenge is, because the sales channels used a variety of models, once the contraction would affect the channel, even affect partnership with Lenovo and ZTE income scale, there is such a problem, this is a problem faced by the association.

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