Starbucks, Instagram and Jobs

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craftsmen for details of a carefully carving, their whimsy and craft can only be sensed condensation in the product, regardless of the time.

this traditional manufacturing industry in virtue, accelerated commercial era as the outdated luxury.

Instagram's Secret

you ask a ten year old American boy in Instagram want to share their heavy personal album, they will think you crazy.

such as Starbucks coffee, Instagram photos will be uploaded to the selection and editing efforts to unite them carefully. All

and he has done, we won the viewer's attention with a smile.

Instagram represents a classic mode of production in a leisurely manner,: rhythm, pause, any actions are not in a hurry, so we can select and taste a photographic work quality. The importance of Steve Jobs's box

The Godfather of innovation is also well versed in "slow" Kung Fu in this era of fast.

if you have bought any apple product, you will feel open box action is a worth chewing slowly, savor the process.

alienated products remain on the sidelines of the distance, you will obviously feel every bump and crease, each hidden in the corner in the fine, handmade products are delicate.

exaggeration to say, the Apple Corp has come up with a design of computer box design momentum, the designers, engineers and craftsmen to transfer to the information, we use the fingertip touch received.

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