Millet TV, will affect the company's future valuation of millet ruthless role

Role TV influence millet company

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the long rumored millet TV, finally landing. For those who haven't had time to look at the product configuration class: students fill "list-paddingleft-2"

  • 47 inch 3D screen; the screen panel is LG IPS hard screen or Samsung SVA screen;

  • Qualcomm snapdragon 600 quad core processor, 1.7GHz, Adreno 320 GPU;

  • 2G memory, 8G flash memory;

  • supports Wi-Fi dual band, Bluetooth 4

  • DOLBY and DTS

  • Bluetooth headset, speaker, game controller, keyboard and mouse;

time line Jun at the scene about the experience of millet TV rush. Site staff, millet TV weighs about 16 kg, 2 kg at the end of care. Day after the sale, will provide on-site installation services, installation fees may be around 100 yuan.

body with obvious Apple style, give users distinctive technology and fashion sense, and it is like the traditional music before the TV TV products, doesn't feel the same. />


today at the venue introduction of millet TV, like Lei Jun millet release 1 "green years" three years ago, this has been a valuation of billions of dollars in start-up companies gain a foothold in the smart mobile phone market, finally began to enter a new market. />


now that some of the feeling of belated effort. Smart TV this product, in fact, is very suitable for millet to do.


first, objectively speaking, the TV hardware products for industrial design requirements is not high. Like a cell phone, the overall design of the framework of the television, the basic model has been very. Not to mention there are a lot of model can refer to learning.

Second, the smart TV functions. This development idea from Lei Jun site, the so-called millet TV, is actually a special mobile phone millet. But this phone, in this configuration on the screen to invest heavily to upgrade the standard. />

CPU and in


in the market space, it can also be an important competitive continuation of millet mobile phone -- high price. More importantly, the TV market competition, far from the smart phone market as the red sea. Regardless of domestic and foreign players, most of the game is still the traditional TV manufacturers. While companies such as millet, it is suitable for such an old to subvert the traditional market.


no small risk. But I think the decline of the TV product itself, on the Internet, such as millet TV hardware does not mean anything. A lot of people are saying that the television set to reduce the rate and so on, young users already need TV products like this. This understanding has a certain error. />


see millet TV presented 3D

  provides a mobile Internet device before

millet for the young people and with the people Rice noodles into the community, a wife and marry and settle down to continue to grow, they need TV products in the life. />



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