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this paper, most of the data from the Internet, the relevant industry and IKEA's view, purely personal point of view, if the same or not, please understand

yesterday with a few friends to chat about the store next line of business of worry and fear, has come to the point with profound respect and humility. They really want to know, in addition to self disability type (Suning online / offline price), and surrender allegiance type (Yin Tai abandon the line, to Tmall), in the end there is no way out to go. transformation for the story of dazzling and painful transition effect, but the heroic "transition is not to die, the transition is to court death, would rather die on the road, can not be abandoned by history". The market orientation of public opinion, also have to be able to confuse the public stage, it is the path of self destruction, but also give praise, the courage, the courage to be. But only the enterprises know, each "flesh" in the end how much pain! Style= word-wrap: "break-word


in front of the traditional business line business all-powerful type impact, why IKEA's business has steadily improved, recently in Beijing second, but also China fourteenth grand opening, the rate of only 3.1% in the global growth, while in the China annual revenue growth rate of more than 17%. To obtain these results, at least you can explain the following three questions:

- line store mode is not dead, the proper methods, have a brilliant future. />

when we see these business data, take a look at what IKEA has done what it can Yiqijuechen, dominate, to become a successful practitioner of commercial entities under the line O2O. The following focuses on IKEA's /O2O strategy is to explore.

, IKEA Internet / /O2O as a new electricity supplier channels, only for publicity, to do the transaction

IKEA first is established from the media matrix including information perfect, powerful, attractive products, can see the official website; see information, inventory, and then generate shopping list APP and website; built on Sina micro-blog's online community (650 thousand fans); IKEA fans gathered a lot of bean valve station. All these goals, both through the product and interaction, to create a better life for IKEA brand positioning for the public to create a better life. Consumers can be very convenient to find what they want, but if you want to buy, you must go to the IKEA store, a variety of information can make you very easy to find in the field. Some people may ask, this is what the electricity suppliers, this is clearly the traditional way of publicity. So, IKEA's so-called electricity suppliers why just display and publicity, and not for the transaction? (in fact, the goods transit network MS Liu Wanlan, published in December 25, 2012, "IKEA: electricity suppliers? O2O! " Have a very clear exposition of the reasons why not IKEA business strategy to do the transaction, then I rearrange the view: if IKEA

1. to carry out network marketing, will no longer have a strong brand, will give consumers more attention to price and function. />


3. when a large number of IKEA fans, can be convenient to buy online, so she / they will be reduced to the next line stores the opportunity. So these consumers, will not be able to experience the IKEA mall feel surprise shopping experience. Because shopping at IKEA, has been shaped into a family gathering of the "Carnival" (this article will be described later). />


, arrange some appropriate category online sales can bring significant sales growth, but it will never become mainstream IKEA, because Home Furnishing this exquisite experience of the product, the biggest stage or online shop.

two, IKEA offline shopping experience to achieve the ultimate, shaping the family "shopping Carnival"

to the IKEA people have such experience, when you see a particularly lovely decorations or Home Furnishing, you can don't tell your wife / husband immediately, you have "discovered" a "baby", if this thing is put in the home of a position, that is what a "surprise" scene. You are not in the IKEA shopping, but after a "treasure" surprise, you continue to be "touched", was shrouded in surprise and joy. This is a how vivid the pursuit of the ultimate "experience" of the textbook. If we walked into the mall today, there is such an experience, but also afraid that we do not have the impulse to shop it? So, IKEA in the end is what to do, so that she became the family "shopping Carnival"? />


2. IKEA mall diamond surface grand, bright lights, signs visible, good design scientific and effective route (basically let you from the first floor to the top floor, can all walk around, and, because the site is great), you can also walk, the way in which the dining. (by the way, IKEA's new mall to expand the dining area 2 times) />


4. IKEA every year, if the last time you visit IKEA 3 months ago, now that you go to, and there will be a surprise. IKEA to mix all kinds of home together, so that people have immersive feeling, not only to see, but also can sit above, even lying on the top, there will not be someone who cares for you. This allows a lot of consumers have to buy the entire environment in the home, in order to ensure that the same store in the "Scene" to bring the feeling of surprise. />

three, IKEA marketing is the core of "IKEA FAMILY"

Chinese IKEA club has 9 million members, currently IKEA 40%-50% from membership sales. IKEA in order to improve customer loyalty, directory and member stores are the most classic IKEA two marketing methods. Among them, the list of 160 million of the circulation over the Bible to become the world's largest circulation of publications. IKEA's product catalog in the possession of membership club, will no longer be issued to non members. Membership shop is a shop in the store, designed to attract members and set, and members can buy travel bags, shower cream, bath robes and other non home decoration products. In the winter and summer to implement a big sale, usually in the previous two or three days will allow members to buy in advance. Although it is not the weekend time, sales are more than the weekend, and sometimes doubled. Therefore, it will often see many things before officially on sale have been sold out this. Every mother's day, Children's Day and other festivals, as well as the IKEA club's anniversary, membership bargains there will be the case. By IKEA statistics, the amount of each purchase of a single product, the member is usually more than 30%. IKEA club are doing all the work, can make the "member" that many companies are feeling the "chicken ribs" marketing model, to play such a big role? />

by IKEA fan blog, members usually share their experience in Home Furnishing decoration fans blog, on some personal life when cooked. And through the exchange of fans IKEA more attention to members of the feedback. IKEA understands the power of the public, members of the mouth also brings great benefit to IKEA. />

in the IKEA electricity supplier strategy is in fact the O2O strategy, the following three things to the extreme:

- IKEA Internet / /O2O as a new electricity supplier channels, only for publicity, to do the transaction. />

of IKEA O2O strategy to build a perfect business model, the business model is the "let the line for the next line of diversion, everything is on its online content to attract consumers, and then to the store for consumption".

O2O believe IKEA will practice the operators of the domestic online store, bring a spring breeze, and hope that this case can bring you more thoughts and start some of the more feasible transition path.

the author will launch a variety of exploration, store the success of the different line of the road, to contribute to all of you!

Zhang Tao, micro signal: zt_zhn. />

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