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these days post frequency is reduced, because the work is to speed up the frequency of the 6 points up, "font-size: 7 points to the company, but last week at work time, from the 23 to delay the night 1, "font-size: 16px;" >2, "font-size: 16px;" >3, and product development, buddies together to work overtime on Monday, Thursday, 4 day estimation only slept "font-size: 10 to hours. The Thursday night 11 points, finally carry in the chair to sleep, and then 12 points to wake up, and did not eat dinner colleagues to drink porridge.


the product project, for buddies, has been very successful, you are the best. But each project will have a regret, if the time is enough, if the product, the back end, the front, vision, testing each team with better, will do better. So if, almost every project, in the Internet products companies have done a large project students, there will be a sense of five miscellaneous miscellaneous chen. In particular, the product, the first project involved in the development of new projects, the first time to participate in the project schedule and overtime overnight, is bound to be impressed. I believe that the project after the end of the review summary, you will have a lot to share feelings, then write out and share.


everybody, try not to work overtime, even overtime, also want to eat.


today is the Qixi Festival, I said to mom in WeChat rice bean: wife, I love you more than Amy beans. But I didn't buy, no buy chocolate, not to join in the fun.




today is the Qixi Festival, and everyone is happy day, every holiday, must be the product operation busy day, look at the major Internet Co product operations.


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GOOGLE Doodle Google doodle, the Qixi Festival launched a small game, you play it, there is still a little difficult, to make the magpie according to the In the bridge, or the cowherd fell to the Milky Way inside, a message, a few dozen clearance, let the Cowherd meet.



the success of the game, to help the picture:


cowherd fell into the river after the relative Speechless tears condensate pharynx.





a the Qixi Festival pattern deformation appear to be normal, click in the great universe, ah, Baidu micro purchase by the name of love to seduce you.



[] to enter the Qixi Festival search results page" font-size:



select object [] gift to send him, or send her to choose []; object categories, budget amount, the system began to recommend commodities



is the next experience. Micro purchase goods list, purchase page, students who are interested can try.



Taobao Jingdong, with "font-size: 16px style=

Taobao, Jingdong, shopping website for the holiday season, certainly not absent, didn't feel anything new, place, discounts to sell things. All kinds of love of goods, each pick it, put a few pictures, see it yourself.


Taobao main accessories products, home accessories is the focus in goods.




Jingdong, coincidentally, is the jewelry accounted for a larger home focus advertising.





Festival is actually a kind of communication products and user periodic greetings, rhythm to remind the user, I'm still alive and happy, I am here today is good, come on.


actually far before the birth of the Internet, has been popular in the traditional festival marketing industry. The retail industry have a promotion of nirvana is: " on the festival festival, no festival festival", "one great section yet no festival festival, festival in city ".


the creation of the festival, a is strengthened and enlarged on the basis of the original. For example, the Qixi Festival today, but the atmosphere is not ancient, Sheng, only businesses for sale of packaging campaign.


another higher level, is based on the features of their own enterprises, from scratch, create a new festival. For example, the electricity industry's most prestigious, Taobao double eleven Shopping Festival, 2012 eleven years, Taobao double promotion of the total sales of Alipay 191 billion, an increase of 260%, which Tmall 132 billion, Taobao 59 billion. This year's double eleven, whether the innovation is high, we wait and see.


in her new classmates are the first lesson in training, as I mentioned, the product manager, is the construction of ecological products of God, product operations, as we run a world, a the national product, the day of the birth, is the national day, in the course of product development, training user awareness of the product, some special day to strengthen these cognitive and unique product, "strong> festival culture, so that everyone in the year dull life joy few, do love products, allowing users to do a surprise holiday products, every year before, every year there are different.


Products Festival, is also the product process of cultural heritage, for users, but also for the employees. For example, the double eleven day Tencent is our internal staff holiday; YY "font-size: 16px; >728 anniversary, YY users hope welfare day; Chinajoy is grass root game player in the game is watching the girl Festival Association Brothers meet the festival, but also the stage of the strength of the big game companies.


you remember what products to create a holiday? Own products, whether there is a festival of their own users?





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