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to say a thing happened yesterday, my colleagues send me plate flow company forum, including technical forum, forum product data, receive the following message, OUTLOOK2013 interface.

don't know if you look at this picture, the visual focus will be in where?

just over simple usability testing to find colleagues what they see is: the exclamation mark, with an attachment, no text messages.

my intuition, there is an attachment, then double-click start attachments, see the contents inside, only technology forum data, then find colleagues: why not product forum data? Screenshots come over to see, do have.

I a closer look, the original "EXCEL document back to the right distance, a paper clip, said accessories, a number of "4" 4 annex.

really ah, I just work too fast, did not see the tip on the right, click the mouse at the time, accessories become blue, that is selected, no 4 annex, "font-family: style= 4 annex, double-click to open Excel file, then see content less, have asked colleagues to communicate.

re checking, found double moment, 4 attachment is launched, but only in the EXCLE program pop-up flash, do not look to perception.

just a few minutes from this product experience, said the reflection on the principle of interaction design products:

visual order, is the product manager in interactive design the visual design must be considered. Products in the first time, so that the user's first focus, the focus of the product manager to set the focus. For example, the message here, the first message from the sender, title, content, and then it is the annex, a clear expression of a few attachments.

here that is the visual focus deviation, the expression of how to more effectively, interested readers can think, welcomed the exchange of.

Internet browsing action is not to read, but also not to see, rapid scanning, glance, vast amounts of information, the fast pace of work, not a a slowly. As we work in the mail, I believe that many people have a lot of mail inside the mail did not read, even open, not necessarily every word has been swept. And this is certainly not the text messages, see annex, sweep, oh, there is only one accessory.

do product design, we need to consider, if multiple attachments, how to allow users to quickly perceive the first time? That requires us to focus on as far as possible, to strengthen the relevance of important information, weakening and eliminating irrelevant information.

finally attach the product usability principles of Nielsen, for your reference.

Nelson ten usability principles of

  style=" font-family:; "ten usability principles > Nelson is the user experience design is an important reference standard design, which is worthy of further research and application.

, a

user in any operation on the page, either click, scroll or press the keyboard, the page should be given immediate feedback. "Instant" means that the page response time is less than the user can endure the waiting time.


page, should be as close as possible to the user's environment (age, education, culture, background), instead of using second languages in the world. "iPhone interactive guide" mentioned in the metaphor and materialized is good practice. In addition, should also be used to understand and cultural expression.

three, the principle of

in order to avoid the user misuse and mistakenly hit, "should be provided and heavy work can be revoked.


the same language, function, operation consistency.


"by design, restructuring or special arrangements to prevent user error.


forget it. As far as possible to reduce the burden of the user's memory, the need to remember the contents of the table.


intermediate number of users is much higher than that of primary and senior users. For most users, don't underestimate, should not be underestimated, remain flexible and efficient.


Internet browsing action is not read, not to see, but saul. Easy to sweep, means to highlight the focus, weakening and eliminating irrelevant information.

nine, "font-family: style=

fault tolerance principle;" > to help users recover from mistakes, to minimize the loss. If you are unable to automatically recover, then provide a detailed description of the text and direction, rather than code, such as "404


helpful hints, the best way is: 1, without prompting; 234 prompt; "font-family:;" > help document.  


finally prompted the next: send mail, if there are attachments, in the text which shows that there are several accessories, what format, respectively, what is it?

cover source: http://wallbase.cc/toplist   powerful HD uncensored widescreen picture station (not just advertising, from here take a picture, in respect of a web site)

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