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    write "product operations yesterday: Baidu cloud & 5 BaiduPay" font-family:; ">" refers to the gross marketing, Baidu index in Baidu cloud user attention and the attention of the media data a friend asked, "what is the Baidu index".

remember first Baidu index web site:

today to introduce the simple and practical keywords heat change trend, of course, be clear here " user attention "and" media attention "are derived from the user data in the Baidu search on the site, as the site of the largest flow, the user or a sample representative.


user attention is to tens of millions of Internet users in the Baidu search volume for the data base. Based on keywords statistics object, scientific analysis and calculate each keyword in the Baidu web search in the search and frequency weighting, and the curve chart.

media attention "text-indent:25px;" style= >

media attention in the past 30 days Baidu the news search and the number of the most relevant news the keywords as the foundation, through the scientific calculation to obtain the final weighted data, and to show the form of a surface chart.

Baidu index is updated once a day, and to provide users with "1 months", "3 months", "6 months" and the "1 years" time interval.


morning entertainment Tencent news:

"mainland box office:" Superman "" "

source link:

Tahoma; font-size:21px; look Baidu index trend of the data

" font-family: style= 1 months before the user a high degree of concern, far more than other two films; "graph" 10

Baidu index of user attention and film trend whether there is positive correlation, interested friends can continue to pay attention.

two cases: Baidu cloud, Baidu guard

see the following in this case, the two day of the" Baidu "and" Baidu "guardian of the news media and search volume surge dump, the image performance from the line graph, and show the right related news.

5100G Mao;" > marketing, has now ended, the price recovery for 500100G yuan to buy font-family: song;" >, a former colleague JACK I jokes the article written by Baidu cloud article, it is the Baidu 5 hair, anyway, really have a lot to buy Baidu cloud G space friends, experience the product, or.

three cases: hero alliance, Cross Fire, World of Warcraft


Baidu index can also get what information? Below to three popular online games as an example to show you, the three game is: the hero alliance, through the line of fire, World of Warcraft.

related search terms "text-indent:25px;"

the fastest rising search terms

display in a certain time range, determine the regional situation, and ten related retrieval words words the most relevant, and users concerned about the fastest rising ten Related search words.

"hero alliance" user attention ranked first in the province of Zhejiang, but also the "World of Warcraft" users the highest degree of concern of the provinces; "Cross Fire" the highest degree of concern is Henan.

keywords in the selected area of attention to user data, the depth of color map left represent the size of the regional level of user attention; selected area listed to the right attention of the ten highest ranking of city. The size of the contrast between the length of the line represents the city user attention.

"hero alliance"

"Cross Fire" /span>

" World of Warcraft "

Tahoma; font-size:20px; text-indent:25px; city distribution of

; according to the users of Baidu search data, using data mining method, the keyword retrieval statistics social attribute groups, including sex ratio, age distribution, occupation distribution, degree distribution.

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