23:15 broadcast Real Madrid - hung: C Luo broken home goal drought? Who can substitute for Baer

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Beijing time on November 26th evening at 23:15 (16:15 p.m. local time), 2016-17 La Liga season thirteenth round of a focus of the war, Real Madrid at Bernabeu Stadium against gijon. La Liga after 12, Real Madrid 9 wins 3 flat 30 points, Gijon 2 wins 3 flat 7 negative 9 points in the eighteenth row.

Real Madrid and Gijon in league history between 84, Real Madrid 47 wins 24 flat 13 negative occupy obvious advantage. The two teams last met in the twentieth round of the 2015-16 season in La Liga, Real Madrid home court victory over 5-1.

real impact start to the season unbeaten in 20 + 31 games unbeaten season across the

2016-17 season with Real Madrid, has yet to start a defeat. The 12 round of the 9 league wins and 3 Champions League 5 wins 2 flat 3, King's cup, European Super Cup victory, start 19 games unbeaten. Mourinho Capello, the 1996-97 season 2010-11 season, play led 19 games unbeaten start, as long as you don't lose to Gijon, means that Zidane created 20 new record unbeaten start. />

2015-16 if you count the last 11 games of the

C Luo home court scoring drought over 2 months

in La Liga this season, C Ronaldo scored 8 goals in 9 appearances for the Champions League, 5 games 2 goals, scoring double battle break 10, the last round the league's Madrid Derby, C Ronaldo hat trick at the Calderon stadium. But at the Bernabeu court, C Luo has been a long time failed to score a goal. Portugal superstar last time in the home goal, or in September 15th in the Champions League 2-1 victory in Lisbon, the home goal drought has been over two months. The underdog against Gijon, C Ronaldo can break the home court goals?

two will return to

Real Madrid to celebrate the injury has become the biggest enemy of Real Madrid, Baer Achilles fibula dislocated, facing the rest of 2-3 months; morata, Cross, Valane also entered the list of injuries. The good news is that Real Madrid ushered in the return of two defender, Casey Milo and Pepe have entered the list. Casey Milo's last appearances for Real Madrid, was September 19th against Espanyol, Brazil iron waist by Diop kicked into his left fibula fracture; Pepe also sidelined for nearly 1 months. But this game two people are unlikely to start next week, the Chinese King Cup final bout against Leon Nessa Zidane, will give Pepe and Casey Milo enough time to find the feeling.

Real Madrid (433): / Navas, Nacho, Ramos Carvajal, Marcello / Kovacich, Modri, Vasquez, Benzema, Isko / C,

Gijon (442): < / span> / Cuellar, amorebieta, Mei Lei, Lillo caneria / Carmona, Alvarez cassesse, Ismael, viguera, Joe - Lopez / PU

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23:15 broadcast Real Madrid - hung: C Luo broken home goal drought? Who can...

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