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dianyouzhe· 2016-11-27 12:05:01

"Final Fantasy" series has always been the benchmark of the Japanese RPG game products, and after years of development, the latest series of "Final Fantasy 15" finally in September this year will be officially on sale. The new work, a series of traditional turn based combat mode, the use of open world plus real time combat system. At the same time the game has also been greatly improved, reached the top level of the RPG game. />

and the "Final Fantasy 15" is not a specific challenge direction, but to carry out a full range of exploration and production progress, this group used all available technologies, polished pictures and game system to the best state. "Final Fantasy 15" in the game system used to open the world and real time combat game system. Tabata end said the reason for this is that he wants to make the game system more simple and easy to use.

at the same time, he also in "GTA 5" for example, he believes that the "powerful GTA 5", is that no game experience people can immediately feel the fun of the game, as long as the game player to pick up the handle will naturally understand the game, so the game is successful it is not difficult to understand.

said Tabata end they also get a lot of inspiration from the "GTA 5" at the same time, he believes that this game system is a trend of the development of the game, whether it is "mysterious sea" and "the war machine" have this tendency. And this also on the "Final Fantasy 15" of the production caused some inspiration, in order to allow the player to easily enter the game state, "Final Fantasy 15" to remove a lot of complex, cumbersome settings. But this does not mean that the future of the final fantasy works will continue to develop in this direction, after the development of the direction according to the actual situation to decide.

Tabata end also said "Final Fantasy 15" battle system is one of the most satisfied him. Because the process of fighting is very direct, and as long as the simple operation, you can make a lot of different attacks. But at the same time the studio also attaches great importance to the experience of the old player, so familiar with the player to play the game set a waiting mode. In the waiting mode, if the player lets go of the handle, the game will wait for the player's action, this mode allows the player to slow down the rhythm to play the game.

"Final Fantasy 15" is a new development direction of the series, but at the same time, Tabata end also said that the game will still try to ensure the integrity and continuity of the main task, while ensuring the continuity of the plot and the main task then add quests, instead of distracting quests.

believes that Tabata end "Final Fantasy" series of old habits game player has a clear line of the story to support the entire game, this "Final Fantasy 15" will have a very full of the main plot, the flow of the game the shortest time to 40 hours, and if the game player to complete experience this game, the game in the game can guarantee the branching plot, game content one hundred to two hundred hours. />

, for example, "Final Fantasy 15" story is mainly to performance between male friends and friendship, to sharpen the friendship with the way to travel together. According to Tian Tianduan's argument, if a woman traveling together would be very awkward. Leading role in the game will be camping, if the process of camping in the process of women will feel very deliberately, and if only the camp of men, it will feel very real. Because of this game, there is no female companion. But the latest Ellis women might at some appropriate time as peer join. />

said in the Tabata end, localization, the game is not only to the Japanese is translated into Chinese, but to China game player understanding of text to translate. Game content is also as far as possible and the global version of the same. At the same time in the production of the game also fully consider the characteristics of One Xbox, so One Xbox version of the final fantasy 15 will not allow players to feel out of place.

said Tabata end in order to make the "Final Fantasy 15" version of the National Bank and the global simultaneous release, they made a lot of effort, this is a new attempt for them, one thing is very difficult. And the state line version of "Final Fantasy 15" will be the original game name in the Rome Arabia figure into the figure, but also in order to meet the Chinese market environment a adjustment. />

and DLC for the follow-up to the game plan, said Tabata end DLC is planning, but the exact number is still under consideration. He believes that DLC content is to allow players to continue to play after the completion of this part of the supplement, the purpose is to allow players to feel the purchase of this article is worth it. Tian Tian also believes that there are a lot of DLC will be listed in China, but it is still not clear whether the DLC can be synchronized.

and Tabata end also said that the "Final Fantasy 15" the VR experience is just a game of DLC property, will be done in the content of this article began to develop. This came to Chinese Tabata end, found China game player on VR are very interested in, so in the future in the development of the VR project will speed up. />

at the end of the interview, I hope they can get Tabata end game player assistance, especially hoping to get positive feedback China game player. So they will have the power to bring more work for the Chinese players. />

is more rare, the "country line version of Final Fantasy 15" in September this year will be synchronized with the global offering, and at the same time landing Xbox One and PS4 platform, so that more China game player will be the first time to play this highly anticipated game works. From all aspects of view, the final fantasy 15 has been fully. Whether you are the "Final Fantasy" series of the old players, the game will not let you down. />

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Tian said, "Final Fantasy 15" to do FF series of Challenger

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