"World of Warcraft" European clothing association issued Nu ask: what constitutes Blizzard Bug?

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youjiuwang· 2016-11-27 12:07:27

recently, Blizzard said kill epic Hella before five, Exorsus, From, Scratch and Limit in the kill in the process of using BUG, will be processed to recover the achievement + title 8 days on the three public. The fastest Limit responded, said his early found in BUG for the first time to report to the blizzard, after seeing Exorsus and From Scratch is used in the use of BUG to kill Hella not punished BUG, will use their own BUG responsibility won completely, at the same time to Blizzard titles decided.

in two male European Exorsus and From Scratch were not so good temper, two have released a long list, before the rational use of examples using BUG / mechanism, think oneself only is the rational use of the mechanism, and the BUG just appeared in their design tactics among them, even if there is no BUG they will use the same tactics. The blizzard of three conference titles, is a result of entrapment. The following excerpt from

Exorsus's announcement (notice there are many very constructive suggestions, this article only intercept and issue related part):

"in order to ensure that everyone fully understands what happens, I will try to explain the mechanism of a simple BUG. In P1 and P3 stage, Hella has a "breath" skills, causing damage and produce a small soft cone. Our company will find that if you let your tank in death breath, then the breath will stop, so we decided to use the shaman talent in the war to protect the ancestors totem complex tanks, which would allow us to save the fire small soft DPS, the faster BOSS pressure P2. At this point, we never know how it works in P3, but we believe that the same approach can be used in the final phase to avoid the spread of information. Before the

start talking about everything, I'm sure some of you will ask "why would you do that? This is the use of the BUG, you go to the tank to avoid breath." This is obviously not a BUG, reduce the pressure a team release tank is tactics, such as everyone in the epic Archimonde use tactics (use of tanks to avoid death hidden stage of chaos, Blizzard even source) admitted that it is a kind of tactics.

so when we entered the P3, found in a tank after death will not breath the Hella directly. This is a clear BUG (Limit will soon be reported to the BUG Blizzard), making our combat process greatly simplified. So when we find this BUG, we have two options: to completely give up the already skilled tactical and time axis, to develop a new tactic, or to continue to use it. Even taking into account the BUG did not encounter this, existing tactics is still very effective (even if Blizzard fixes this P3 not breath Hella BUG, we can still avoid the breath of T caused by pressure through the method of complex release tank battles. We've got a lot of war and the totem of the war when we enter P3. I think you already know what we're doing.

to the consistency problem identified by BUG, BOSS off the end of a team of three copies in the latest have some "skill" to make them more easily, and even some BOSS can save a lot of things: 1) hand fighting monks T avoid jumping slam Juli was ranked fourth and fifth, the two associations are used this skill (even released video), but not punished. 2) Ake Mond in the epic, you can release your tank, avoid the hidden stage chaotic source, reduce the pressure of DPS. The world's top 5 or even the top 10 of each guild in the use of it. Still without any treatment. />

"we don't have any effect immediately after the Exorsus, the From Scratch also issued a notice, and almost Exorsus, also think they are in the mechanism of reasonable use, the difference is that they are listed in WLK to all" mechanism "rational use of examples, and that many of them the impact is far greater than the epic battle Hella BUG, but failed to get punished. And they said not to persuade Blizzard titles to recover the decision, just want to know that they don't intend to use this BUG, finally also highlighted a Hella BUG has filed for a long time but failed to receive feedback, alluding to the title of a blizzard recently "Fishing law enforcement".

From Scratch WLK the following BUG BOSS:

has been used to T10 the Lich King battle Saronite bomb BUG

relates to the association: Ensidia

method: DK />


candle dragon battle involving Association: stars, Midwinter, Wraith, almost all of the top Envy Association

approach: T16 swarc battle full collection in BOSS at the foot of BUG

to avoid all the skills involved in association: Spiters


solution: avoid malicious use of

T16 Dutch act knife battle involving Hellscream guild: Method

< /p>

: no way, until someone in the Blizzcon to report after the blizzard repair

T17 Valkyrie battle BOSS BUG

to avoid ship Association: Method

approach: they attack and kill BOSS in blizzard online before the correction of this BUG, and warned that if they continue the use of BUG will be

T17. The title battle monk Tan jumping BUG

to avoid Juli slam Association: Asian Association


with no solution: avoid the source of chaos death tank

T18 battle involving guild Archimonde: Paragon, From and Scratch all copy their homework the association of

solution: No BUG

AM more damage T19 battle Association: Hella relates to at least Serenity

approach: T19 battle with BUG card out Hella P3 stage Hella breath />


solution: you already know

has said, the two expression guild long text is a basic meaning, the definition of "reasonable use of Blizzard rules" and "BUG" are now increasingly blurred, which inhibit the game player's creativity, let them only in accordance with the designer's ideas to the game, and this is the title the reason is not put in their BU Blizzard The first time G to lead, when a BUG affect their tactical design, they think it running in good tactics should not make way for the BUG, and they also use the strength that even without the BUG has no effect on them, but also to ridicule the rejection for their Limit and pan a blizzard.

then in three companies will have their own tactics based on the public, we feel that this is "reasonable use rules" or "BUG"?

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