The "magic forensic" uncovered "deadly Hot pot" case murderer

The murderer toilet murder police

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Core tip:

seemingly died of gas poisoning accident, turned out to be a "deadly Hot pot" and the husband self murder;

bloodshed scene, the mysterious death turns out to be an accident;

after his passion, he carefully concocted his wife's death was a step by step to reason.

uses science to find out the truth, and the truth is back at the lie. 23 years working experience in forensic medicine, the murder of more than 2000, "Shenyang police forensic magic" as you poke heavy fog, to find out the mystery behind prohibitive knot story.

" (sergeant Dan Yaming every day to watch a large number of cases finishing file notes, which makes him in the years of detective work has accumulated a wealth of experience. Liaoshen Evening News reporter Wang Di Shenyang photo · ZAKER)

case 3: passion murder death time lying

last night at 10:30 pm, and my friends came home drunk and fell asleep. The second day in the morning the child crying, I pushed my wife up to coax the child, did not think she has not moved.

scene: suffering from heart disease wife suddenly died

1997 year, a woman named Zhang Mei (a pseudonym) was killed in a woman's home, the initial examination of the cause of death is suffocation. According to her husband Li Long (a pseudonym), said his wife suffered from heart disease, and has a history of mental illness.

Li Long said he the night before and friends together, drunk to go home, his wife Zhang Mei has been sleeping, he fell asleep directly on the bed.

the morning of the second day, Li Long was his 4 year old child crying to wake up, his wife pushed and slept in a dazely how are pushing up, only to find that his wife had died.

Zhang Mei's sister said, in the day before the United States with a child back to his mother's home after dinner to leave, back to their home time should be 7 or 8 o'clock in the evening.

Li Long's friend also confirmed that Li Long alarm the night before the meeting with friends, drink a lot of wine.

look, Li Long said is true. With the death of Zhang Mei also died of a heart attack. So Dan Yaming at the time of the autopsy found what trick?

second: time of death scene expose the husband lies

although the death of the deceased and died of sudden coronary heart disease is very similar, but it is also possible to cover the nose and mouth pressure suffocation death state similar. The similarity of the two cases of the death of more than 70%, then the dead in the end is how to die?

after further autopsy, Dan Yaming found the spleen atrophy, the symptoms was still controversial, but a large number of cases to prove, spleen atrophy, coronary heart disease and death is the difference between the cover and the pressure died of suffocation. Now this difference has been written into the textbook of human forensic medicine.

"in addition, Dan Yaming finds that the apex of the red, is not normal. Further inspection, found the dead nose with a less than 1 mm of subcutaneous hemorrhage, which further prove that the dead and death may cover the pressure.

Dan Yaming also found that the dead lips have broken through the record, each angle compared with teeth anastomosis, "it is likely that cover pressure nose, lip teeth early scars. "

Dan Yaming in the autopsy of the deceased Zhang Mei, concluded that Zhang Mei's death time is 10 pm to 12 pm. According to Li Long, he returned home at 10:30.

so when Li Long returned home, Zhang Mei may have died. As a husband, with the bed to sleep, how may not a trace of awareness?

autopsy, Dan Yaming also found that the dead Zhang Mei head has a small wound. Husband Lee long said he did not know, but by asking 4 year old child, the child said his mother fell during the day. "

" this is impossible, that position how to fall, also can't fall to that. "Dan Dan said that no matter from the time of death of the deceased, or the location of the victim's head wounds, can prove that Li Long is lying.

Dan Yaming concluded that Li Long was the biggest suspect in the case.

third act: the truth lies the passion not long after the trial of Li Long

, Li Long confessed the truth, his wife Zhang Mei admitted to killing the facts of the crime.

originally, Zhang Mei has a history of mental illness, usually normal life is not a problem, but the couple always quarrel, and the two children are adopted, the relationship between husband and wife two people are not harmonious.

the night before, her husband Li Long drunk after returning home, the children crying. Li Long angry hit the child, his wife Zhang Mei and Li Long had a quarrel, then triggered a quarrel.

two people beat up on the bed, Zhang Mei is not her husband opponent, Li Long will head down on the bed, Zhang Mei, Zhang Mei on the head in the bed, causing scars.

and her husband Zhang Mei has been injured but a revolt. Passion, Li Long with a quilt to cover his wife, to continue through the quilt to fight, finally found his wife did not move.

will be his wife to kill, after a sober Li Long in order to keep their good work and life, made up his wife suffered a heart attack causes of death, in an attempt to escape legal sanctions.

but in Dan Yaming's meticulous exploration test, caught in a lie, Li Long eventually escape.

forensic note: lies are lies, in front of the truth, all lies are flawed. Through scientific methods, to find evidence at the scene and at autopsy, is the most powerful weapon to fight back lies to find out the truth.

chief reporter Lv Yang