U.S. black five mobile phone products sold $1 billion 200 million Ma smiled

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2016-11-27 21:02:27

black Friday Carnival has ended, different categories of businesses gain a lot of money, and the mobile phone category is sold, only black Friday day, American businesses sold a total of more than 1 billion 200 million dollars in mobile phone and tablet computer, hit a record five black sales record.

" America Black five mobile phone products sold for $1 billion 200 million at

Ma mobile phone sales at the same time, online shopping transactions black five U.S. market hit a new all-time high record, exceeded $3 billion for the first time, the final black may create $5 billion 270 million of online transactions. However, this is far from the past double 11 compared to the gap is still very far, the 11 day of the next $17 billion 790 million in sales.

from Amazon's data also showed that the mobile phone more welcome in all categories. "Thanksgiving became the busiest holiday Amazon mobile phone sales, mobile phone orders from today to sum over Thanksgiving in 2015 and chop hands Monday".

in addition, black Friday appeared in a small change on the line, may be consumers don't want to stand in the store crowded, only 23% of the respondents hope this year go to the next line of chop hand, last year this figure was 28%.

Adobe finally gives black Friday the most popular electronic products list, apple iPad, Samsung 4K, apple MacBook Air TV and LG TV, Microsoft Xbox and other products have become the biggest winner of the day.

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