Pharaoh's house: Sunset love this bridge, not only for young people.

The house Wang and sunset

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house is a young person's pain, do not marry without the house, the mother-in-law forced to buy a house, can not afford to buy a house to flee North Canton story we all listen to ear cocoon son, not just young people in the elderly care homes, the marriage market, the house is also a trouble, Wang's story may give you a new experience and thinking.

Wang is sixty years old this year, the old Beijing, 50 years old and his ex-wife divorced, divorce is the cause of marriage is wrong, two people do not have much affection, because of age, both in a makeshift family urged to get married, I did not expect to get married after his ex-wife and two incompatible, a little noisy three days, two days a big fight, but has a son, only live together. His son was admitted to the university when 50, Wang and his ex-wife didn't want to do it, and then divorced.

Wang family in the alley, there is a more than and 40 square house for Pharaoh, his father died early, and has been a mother lives. During the day the house is the bedroom and living room, at night, pull a curtain, the mother inside, he was outside. His wife is also from Beijing, was home to the demolition, have a small house, Lao Wang and his ex-wife married and has been living there.

Wang and his ex-wife after the divorce and moved to the old mother living together, mother is more than and 80 years old, live together or take care of the mother. Son usually live in school, when the holiday on his ex-wife where to live.

son graduate when considering marriage, but the marriage is not a house. Lao Wang's old houses in the ring, belonging to the scope of protection, not demolition, his ex-wife's house is a small two bedrooms, and to live. Wang is a retired accountant in the factory, the income is not high, didn't save what money, so is his ex-wife.

child marriage room things bad parenting two. But Pharaoh and his ex-wife put all sorts of things together borrowed 300 thousand, to his son in Tongzhou bought a small house, of course, this is a matter of a few years ago.

Wang divorce only fifty years old, didn't just have a single go, to find a companion, so keen to participate in various activities of old friends.

because of high solid, Lao Wang, look young, of course, fairly handsome one, in the popular dating activities in love, many women and Pharaoh approached the initiative.

a few years ago at a Pharaoh, also retired, one or two year old Wang than small, we call her Aunt Zhang. Zhang aunt husband died of cancer a few years ago, her daughter working in Shanghai. Wang and Zhang aunt along a few weeks, Wang moved to live there under the aunt zhang.

Then Pharaoh had more than 2 thousand and 800 monthly pension, Zhang aunt has more than 2 thousand and 500 pension, two personal life is very comfortable, feel the feelings of Wang found the place, that time really very happy.

story turning point in half a year later, Zhang aunt's daughter did not want to work in Shanghai, and returned to Beijing. After her daughter came back to live a piece, the contradictions of life began to conflict.

is the first expenses, Aunt Zhang and Wang lived a piece of income with domination, no problem, after her daughter, Zhang aunt is the mother, which has hurt her mother. Zhang aunt today to give her daughter to do a good meal, and tomorrow to buy clothes for her daughter, the day after tomorrow, no money to her daughter's five hundred living expenses......

life began to become increasingly acute contradictions.

of course, this is not the most important, Zhang aunt's object is not Beijing people, can not afford to buy a house, two people are ready to get married, only to the marriage room in Zhang aunt's home.

Wang eventually moved back to the alley and mother living together. But Pharaoh

find his wife the road is not ending.

he continued to talk about a few, but always in the house. Lao Wang has no house in the marriage market at a great disadvantage position, especially in the high prices in Beijing today, the woman asked the question directly without a house. In fact, the aunt who is not at Zhang's house, is really quite cruel reality.

two people live in the old place to live, no house, everyone is the retirement age may not rent. Have a house and children not live but also the woman, but few are willing to let go of the old, of course, but the key is the woman's children are strongly opposed, the reason is very simple, if the mother and Zhang together, how to do real estate.

Liu Lao Zhang is small, also a few years ago divorce, but Liu has a set of three rooms of the house alone. He in the marriage market demand more, but for Liu is determined not to remarry, Liu said, a house of millions, how to deal with the remarriage. Liu at many young objects, there are less than forty years old, but everyone is not only together, talk about marriage. Have a less than forty year old Ms. Liu and lived for a period of time, the aunt once said: Liu brought her young, Liu to compensate for their own future, otherwise Liu go, they can do? Aunt Liu asked her name to the house property certificate.

Liu promised only after his death to the house owned by the woman, the woman does not agree, so two people broke up.

old guys together together, everyone can open old joke, said Liu young very honest, I did not expect the old wife after every period of time for a new. Liu laughed and said: "our country is not monogamous, but a real one wife, no room is no wife, multi room polygamy. Why the wife call big, room two, room three... "

Wang sick all want to play dead liu.

a Zhao alley, several years older than Wang, almost seventy. Zhao before is living alone, living conditions and Wang almost, is also a forty or fifty flat small cottage, but fortunately he live alone.

introduced by others, Zhao met outside Wang aunt, Aunt Wang, sixty years old, his son settled in Beijing after retirement in the home, went to Beijing to see her son a period of time after the child, and to make a unit of external accounting. Aunt Wang in Beijing to find his son is very happy, but my son is not happy, especially his daughter-in-law, firmly opposed, the core is the house, finally bowing to pressure their children, Zhao to transfer the house to the name of his son, and Aunt Wang remarried.

dating much, Wang summed up some experience: 1, everyone is divorced, widowed, in addition to find a wife, but I want to find a can communication partner; 2, although we are older, but male or female for looks, women care more about money. What is more, than young people; 3, the house is around the key but Kan, no room no live, no way, most of the housing will be left to children.

Wang's ex-wife at an object, the other about the situation, but also divorced. After the divorce, he moved to the unit of the old dormitory, but later dormitory demolition, only followed his son. And Pharaoh's ex-wife, his ex-wife Wang moved to live at home. His ex-wife and he had been living together, and never married again. Listen to the son said, his ex-wife not remarry, two people live a life with a very good reference, two people each month with living expenses expenses fixed and other personal property do not intervene, the house to leave his son, if married, the house became the common property, resolutely can not.

Wang is now at a party, a retired professor, sick husband died, there are several sets of hands of the house. After each other and Pharaoh living together for a long time, two people began to communicate how the future. Professor

has a daughter, to prepare the house all belong to the daughter of Beijing, the professor in Tianjin to buy a one bedroom fifty square house, ready to go there pension. Professor Wang and don't get married, only two people living together, the children are called aunt and uncle.

Wang feel very satisfied with the Tianjin, the house has been submitted, Mr. Wang is busy in house decoration. A fitting end, Wang and professor is going to move past.

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