OD and TFboys wearing a pair of shoes out of high

Huang Xiaoming tfboys OD high

tanzi· 2016-11-28 06:00:31

The previous

online with a picture has been brush ah, brother to see several times, is the same box photo TFboys and Liu Haoran, said the four of them stood like a mobile phone WiFi arrangement well from low to high, "

looked at really, really like a WiFi arrangement, and all of them are long legs, but if you look carefully you will find next to Liu Haoran and clear one, and his hands and shoes into the mirror, and the shoes look pretty thick, brother thought there may be a beautiful woman,

" so hungry, brother wrong, found the original was found to be cut off the OD is incredibly ah, but according to friends said OD feet this pair of shoes is thick with increased, my God, OD really good fight ah, but even in such a high or a little shorter than Liu Haoran, no wonder each other in order to retain the WiFi combination to get OD screenshot cut off

" and do not know why all the people forward photo, OD is shot off the silence, ah ah ah, OD. 3,

, but friends said OD boy deliberately wear so high shoes, but still can't Liu Haoran high ah, but visual height is almost as high and Wang Junkai, this is really embarrassing, height is flawed ah,

"but then a glimpse of this pair of shoes, the shoes will find that OD is two times as large as others ah, this shoe is too insane now, but when it comes to

increase in shoes, entertainment and love those who wear is not a few, no matter which are like a pair of boots: Huang Xiaoming Khan, shoes is not to simply insane, outrageous, do not know how many layers increased," class=

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" but the taller is love wear increased, such as Tang Yan, although she this pair of white shoes with no outside, but look carefully there is increase,

" and the double red ah, in increased significantly, but look at how Fan Bingbing and donkey hoof like shoes, "

" and Fan Bingbing is not short, but also increased the fans, Fan Bingbing's donkey hoof shoes really a lot, like this in motion Fan Bingbing could not love shoes, and looked strange, "

"but still feel cute to eat lotus root.

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