Jacky Wu on horse J Award: the mainland film really nice.

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fenghuangyule· 2016-11-28 06:01:15

Jacky Wu interview according to Taiwan media "news" reported on November 27th, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony ended on the 26, Taiwan film was mainland film bloodbath, frustrated. This book Jacky Wu bluntly "little star": "reasonable ah! Would have to lose. Mainland film is really good to see ah. "He said he was more than a few years to see the mainland film, the two sides is to coordinate, focusing on the exchange.

27 Jacky Wu recorded "little star" attendant asked the Golden Horse Award Taiwan losing, he is not afraid to say that in recent years the development of the mainland film is really very good, Taiwan lost very reasonable. He believes that this year's Taiwan has Lin Baihong won the supporting actor has been good, we make the film so little, the film industry has slowly lost. "As for the golden horse

host Momoco Tao yelled Hsu Chi pregnant inappropriate joke, even questioned actor, Jacky Wu said," she has presided over very well. "He thinks that the stage is a boxing ring, you do not fight, you do not fight, why do you want to come," she just do a host of the responsibility. "He has his own memories of the past to say the wrong thing, joking too much experience, a very old female artist, in front of the camera cute, he could not Tucao her" how old are you ah! "Let him be impressed," I still want to say to do a set with the contents of the apology. "

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