Actress' s male doubles are ugly? For Zheng Shuangnan and her spirit

Zheng Shuang double female star Li Sheng

beiqingwangyule· 2016-11-28 06:01:25

Yang Yang shooting "Wu move back" with a substitute that caused heat. In fact, in the performing arts circle, the actor with a stand in is too normal. Some time ago, because "more than" crime known as the "sister" Xu Dongdong once in micro-blog aired their male stuntman, salute.

avatars into the text for Wu and Wu and for, for most of the time to replace actors to do some dangerous scenes.

" as Li Sheng has thanked substitute: "Qingcheng juelian" another "the glass princess, he replaced my hell on Inferno unsaddle. Martial arts really not easy, salute.

Yang Mi in "Gu Jian" in avatars is a male, after all this drama inside the fight scenes more.

Zhao Liying also has a male avatar in the TV series "Yuanyang Yuanyang" the wrong point of the play, there is a very interesting photo, two Sue magic son.

"Transformers 4", Li Bingbing's stand is a man of some dangerous scenes or by double battle star, after all I can't risk much.

" in the TV series "Phoenix totem", Zheng Shuang's stand is a boy, the boy looked somewhat similar to Zheng Shuang. In the female star of the male double, the yen is still good.

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