The driver of a cross-country car tire suddenly climbed out from the car

Off road vehicle driver hospital high speed

xiangyangjiaotongguang· 2016-11-28 07:25:38

vehicle high speed, burst, if handled improperly, can easily lead to traffic accidents. Just yesterday (26 days), a white car Fengshen SUV, traveling to the bridge, suddenly left front tire, causing the vehicle out of control, directly rushed on to the driveway, causing a traffic accident. At 1:20, the reporters rushed to the bridge, bridge center isolation fence was opened with a big hole, the accident vehicle parts scattered on the ground.

a white Fengshen off-road vehicle parked in the Fancheng to Xiangcheng direction of the fast lane, the left front fender was damaged, and in the slow lane, a Ford car was hit back, lying on the roadside, the front bumper was knocked pulpy. The water tank and serious deformation, fluid out from time to time.

" accident wrecker is dragging the white car fengshen. Ford owners have been 120 to the hospital for treatment, the police are on the scene to divert traffic. 20 minutes later, the vehicle was towed to the side of the road, the bridge gradually return to traffic.

" according to the owner Mr. Feng Fengshen, at 1 o'clock, he was driving from Nanzhang to Fancheng direction, just over the bridge cable, the steering wheel suddenly out of control, the direction of the vehicle body began to tilt to the left, but not over Feng Mr. reaction, the car smashed to the center of the isolation barrier, then, to the lane of a Ford car fast approaching, just shift the fence, a huge impact directly to the Ford car down and slide 10 meters after the stop. Then a woman climbed out from the car, feel dizzy, and quickly dialed phone alarm. Class= img_box "

the cause of the accident is under investigation. (reporter Xiao Hui) "

] driving reminder buddy must always check your tires, under normal circumstances, the vehicle ten thousand kilometers left and right, going to the service station to do a location check if four wheel positioning the misalignment, driving will aggravate the wear and tear of the tire, resulting in temperature and tire. In addition the tire imbalance will cause wheel swing at a certain speed, if long time running, the wheel will not stop the severe wobble, resulting in tread wear, tire temperature, vibration continuously impact the weak position of the tire caused by aging, causing the tire. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_6" class= =''>


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The driver of a cross-country car tire suddenly climbed out from the car


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