Natural childbirth movement, maternal attention taboo

Taboo exercise pregnant women birth

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1, movement of natural childbirth to lift dumbbells and barbells

can choose some small weight dumbbells and barbells, while his arms lifted, while with the uniform breathing. This can not only exercise arm endurance, strengthen the control of the body, but also can enhance the flexibility of muscle contraction and lumbar muscle function.

2, lateral cavity inspiratory breathing method

to make sense of rib to both sides of the expansion, exhale then let the navel to the back. Deep breathing method can make the body muscles get exercise, systolic function helps to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor, very helpful for the natural production of pregnant women.

intimate advice: the exercise of vital capacity, but also allow them to breathe more evenly in the production of smooth.

3, strength training

with the increasing weight of pregnant women, their knees will be under increasing pressure, which needs to do some squatting movement. It not only can exercise leg endurance, but also can enhance respiratory function and thigh, arm, abdominal contraction function.

tips: exercise, hands naturally hang down, feet shoulder width, toes straight ahead, then inhale to squat, squat down to the thigh and the ground is level, stand out. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_0" class= =''>


4, sitting on the boat pull back

(1) seated row: flat sitting in a chair, with both hands pulled back in front of the rubber band, back and forth movement.

(2) sitting posture pull back: flat sitting in the chair, hands down fixed to the top of the rubber band. Each movement is repeated 15 times, 3~4 times a week.

(3) this movement can effectively enhance the muscle and back muscle strength, make the production of pregnant women arm muscles and back muscles can exert evenly to help birth.

two, near the due date note taboo 1, perinatal anxiety

some mothers are acute, not to date is anxiously looking forward to an early production, due to more anxiety, even mess with Chinese and Western medicine birth. This kind of mood also can bring bad influence to the production.

2, sad sad

some pregnant women in a bad mood, sad sad in the state, this kind of negative emotions also hinder the smooth production, efforts should be made to avoid and eliminate. Some pregnant women mental pressure from her family, her husband or her.

3, physical fatigue and fatigue

full of energy is an important condition to ensure the smooth production of pregnant women. If in mind or body in a state of exhaustion, will affect the smooth production. The production of pregnant women before ten days, must have the law of life, eat a good rest, waiting for the production and storage of Yangjing said.

4, a maternal and family

avoid be negligent to be negligent, all at the end of the pregnancy is still not sufficient, labor and hectic, prone to accidents. There are a few pregnant women have been close to the pre production period, but also take the boat ride to the remote due to the transport of the turbulence and overworked, often caused by accidents in production way, threatening the safety of mother and son.

5, ignore the pregnancy care

fetus produced mainly by the uterine contraction and abdominal pressure, the fetus from the uterus forced out, which would consume a lot of energy. We must pay attention to nutrition before labor, Shaoshiduocan, pay attention to add enough water to eat and sleep well, make the body sufficient energy to complete the production full of go, arduous task.

6, the spirit of excessive tension

the whole body of the sensitivity of the outside world to stimulate increased, slight stimulation that can cause pain. So pregnant women in labor to eliminate concerns, maintain a happy relaxed state of mind.

tips: children have a painful and dangerous, but the vast majority are birth, dystocia is very few.

three, mental health care in the third trimester of pregnancy 1, ready to prepare for the preparation of

production, including the late pregnancy health examination, psychological preparation and material preparation. Everything is ready for the purpose of mother and child safety, so the process is to prepare the comfort of pregnant women.

2, understand the production principle of

production to overcome the fear, the best way is to let you understand pregnant the whole process of production as well as possible, relevant training before production of pregnant women during pregnancy, early, middle and late pregnant women and their husband education, explain the relevant medical knowledge.


(1) should not be early admission to the medical settings is limited, if every pregnant woman is admitted to hospital, the hospital can not be as comfortable as home, quiet and convenient.

(2) pregnant women admitted to hospital after a long time not birth, there will be a sense of urgency, especially after the hospital has seen production, is a kind of stimulus.

recommendations: every thing in the maternity ward may affect the mood of the hospital, this effect is sometimes not very favorable.

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