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" remember when we were young, transcript is everylessons midterm and final exams, plus the teacher's comments and self evaluation. Comments will love to learn, love labor, respect for teachers, unite students and other millennium old sentence, there will be a hope that the future of attention to what the God turning point. Report that day, the class of the mind, alternate between joy and grief.

saying that my two children from the school have no examination, so there is no so-called "report card", only three times a year "term report". Now the primary school semester report is divided into "social and emotional" and "habit" and "learning" of three parts. The third part also includes their schoolwork now learn geography science, biological science, history, language (English, Chinese), mathematics, arts and culture (art, music, sports, computer) of these parts.

each part is detailed breakdown of ten to dozens of breakdown, the teacher according to the student's learning progress or mastery degree to assess, play 1-5 points. And then each of the teachers have written a review, so that the parents of all aspects of the child's understanding of both intuitive and quantitative analysis.

generally get the report card, I will look at the summary. Then, look at the academic degree, focus on "social and emotional" and "learning habits" of the two. Not about industry is not important, but I think that two was the foundation of life. There are grounds, levy is not difficult. Since it is the age of the ground, you have to stare at it.

14 social emotional 22 working habits, adults also shame

in the professional education view, "social and emotional" is actually a skill (skill). This one includes 14 contents:

understand the needs of others;

right to express their needs and feelings;

can participate in a good team work; follow the teacher's instructions to

; respect for others; respect for AIDS and

environment; good manners and courtesy;

to deal with different opinions

; self control ability; the ability of

to adapt to the changes and challenges of

; self-confidence;

responsible for his own behavior ability;

patient with younger students;


second "22 parameters work habits in the Montessori school have distinctive characteristics, including:

independent selection of work content, in the complicated environment ability to concentrate on their work and work continuously;

willing to choose the challenging work, love and work, work, ability with the best intentions of the work required to give positive response, memory for fun;

finish the work on time, work does not interfere with others;

actively participate in team activities; the ability of

independent research and find information;

take responsibility for their own learning;

writing neat and attractive to

report; and with younger students and teach them something;

will derive meaning and conclusion, can organize and use our own views The language clearly expressed;

is a good plan and use of time;

to learn new tasks for

; keep working notes;

confidently published work report in front of the students;

can arrange their own outdoor activities.

every time I see their term paper, I think: as an adult, did I do that?

although it is also a "school" on down, I have to say that I have not been trained in such a system. Some things but also subtly learned, some are out of school after stumbling to understand, some I have not yet mastered. And looking back at the age of forty, almost all of the above, are my life in this long problem solving process need to use the habits and skills. Can only say that my children are lucky.

choose what kind of school, only to see it can not teach children complete personality before

in micro-blog wrote before, sister class has a small corner, there are some small cushions, blankets and decompression toys, is dedicated to the angry and sad child. When angry can come here alone, give them some comfort.

" in the basket and a bag of cards, painted "when can make you angry when things, can choose one of their own love to do, to ease the mood. Such as deep breathing, write down your pain, talk to friends, painting, sing a song, an adult to seek help, go … … these help children recognize and control their emotions well method, by the teacher with a warm way available to everyone.

sister is a natural pursuit of the perfect child, her self-confidence is the school and help us build the. In school she is like another person, the teacher asked the question is always hard to raise their hands, not afraid of the wrong answer".

brother is a good school children, he likes to be able to ask the school to ask any questions, learn anything, every day can go to the library to check the information of the study atmosphere. The things they learn are of interest to both of them. Never need endorsement.

two people love the team work, and students together to check the information of poster (knowledge maps, the predecessor of the PPT), and then make a speech and display in front of their class and outside class students (starting from this semester, the class began to make a speech with his brother PPT).

they participate in charity activities organized by the school or students each year. Remember in Beijing all the students to school an intensive cleaning aunt charity donations to a suburban poor farmers donated a cow. After coming to Hongkong, this kind of activity is more. Children organize a charity breakfast every year to raise money for the poor. Breakfast all the food is a teacher with everyone to discuss recipes, go to the supermarket to buy raw materials, and then make the. Class= img_box "

each class has a class pet, the division of labor by all the students, take turns to take care of, including holidays, including. Brother class father and mother last term hamster hamster had four little hamster, for class jubilation. Class= img_box "

often asked me why I send the child to the international / private schools, rather than the public schools. Asked people who want to make a reference for their children's school choice, I think it is difficult to answer. Different people have different aspirations。 After observing the different educational ideas in the west, I only hope that the next generation will be able to take a different path from us.

I want them to be educated, eventually make them three straight, integrity, vitality, enthusiasm and ability, the well-being of the people. In the capacity, which kind of education system is most likely to help us to reach this goal, where to send them.

misunderstood "Happy Education" and "quality education"

to say a few more words. Often see people attack "Happy Education" and "quality education"". Actually, I have not heard such a slogan in foreign countries, I do not know how to generalize the slogan of the country is how to define its connotation and extension.

some people think that the "Happy Education" in education is hard, but happy to avoid learning, so some people have resolutely intolerable; "quality education" into various class talent classes, and obtained the conclusion: quality education is rich. There is also another extreme understanding that, in order to ensure happiness education and quality education, the knowledge of the classroom to go to school will be cut down some do not learn.

these are really misunderstanding and misleading.

western teachers and parents often put "Have fun" say it. However, the meaning of "fun Having" is not "do not need to learn, as long as happy as long as", but the teacher and parents with the way of inspiring, let the children happy to learn, better learning.

in fact, the international school children learn a lot of natural science and social science knowledge from an early age, and a lot of reading. Two or three years old in kindergarten began a little learning life common sense, emotional management, social interpersonal rules and teamwork, and slowly for the future to become a mature independent adults do.

they are respected, guided and inspired by professional educators from a young age. It is indeed a pleasure and curiosity in learning, the study of things actually do not fall all the same, even more than we have learned a wide range. And through the training of specific methods, there is a strong speculation, research, cooperation and expression ability.

if this is "Happy Education", "quality education", I really do not see what can be opposed to. The only need to talk about is that we can't do it.

talked a lot from a transcript. Because a person's growth, some can see from the report card, some can not see. Life is a long process of problem solving (problem solving), grew up along the way to solve the problem: growth, family, friendship, love, marriage, education, occupation, children, money, health, relationships, challenges, combat, and even death...... even your bank and are not the toilet pipe often throw a problem to you.

as a parent, all I can do is to help them make a foundation before the age of 18.

foundation is also a process of problem-solving process, although the challenges continue, but I have confidence. Because I can see the floor up the way, so we can calculate how much kinds of reinforced foundation. If someone told me: This is the foundation of the ground is written in their test scores and scores of college entrance examination scores, and that I will not listen to. Because we want to build, is certainly not the same building.

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