Workplace "middle income trap": why don't you pay more?

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why can't you get more money by working hard?

as long as you solve the problem, the same level, you will not be able to work hard to get more money wrote an article about career planning of article


, the backstage received the message: "working for more than five years, recently the pressure in particular, do not know the job or career change......

I asked him, "how long did it take you to raise your salary?"

he replied: "it's not a question of money...... "

said it is not the problem of money, meaning that money is a problem can not be solved, so it is not a problem.

people in the workplace, as long as there is no freedom of wealth, all doubts about the troubles of life, in the final analysis are, long! Period! No Plus! Salary! There is a phenomenon of


workplace, when a person's salary after a period of rapid growth (an annual increase of more than 20%), reached a certain level (in Shanghai less than 10K), will be stagnant.

borrowed a concept of macroeconomics, which I call the "middle income trap" in the workplace ".

on the economics of the "middle income trap" refers to a country, do export processing by cheap labor, earn a lot of money, so labor costs, benefits of biu~biu~ began to rise, but the opportunity to work in the country and no major changes, so to lose the advantage in the international division of labor, the income of long-term stagnation that is, the "middle income trap" and then blame the poor rich

, poor rich greed love leisure and hate labour, blame, we do not know how to change the status quo.

workplace "middle-income trap" is a bit similar.


in the advertising industry as an example, from the famous university advertising Huang Jimmy, when the name card or senior copywriter or senior design, can achieve more than 10 thousand, again, is the copy instruction and art direction, will be brought to people.

do it yourself and take people to do, is two completely different ability. Huang Jimmy Kang Shuai Fu wrote "Jimmy Huang braised rice" copy can let customers Longyan, but with people, he will put their knowledge structure to the novice to the children's level, know what they want, to guide them to write qualified copy.

you think you work hard, you should get a high salary?

what do you think? How much money the boss gives you depends on how much you have solved the problem, not how much effort you put into it.

a person to do, Huang Jimmy to solve the value of a business to achieve the problem; with people to do, he solved the value of the team to achieve the problem, the latter's value is clearly greater.

so "the workplace middle-income trap," the truth is:

as long as you solve the problem, the same level as before, you can not get more money by working hard.


" of course, the actual situation is often like this, because the Yellow Jimmy write really good company, in order to keep him, to give him a raise, but every position has a salary cap, the only way is to put him management positions that he fit.

this is the great "Peter theorem" you will certainly rise to a position you are not qualified for.

this is another kind of "middle income trap"". In order to keep the

not easily won salaries, Huang Jimmy had to work overtime in order to make their own efforts to pretend;

doesn't look stupid, Huang Jimmy had to eliminate the outstanding subordinate, make yourself something to do;

in order not to doubt their ability, Huang Jimmy began to suspect that he is not entered the bottleneck period of occupation?

when you put everything down to the "career bottleneck", you are caught in a "middle-income trap" afraid to return to the "middle-income"". Class= img_box "

on the "middle-income trap", there is a bad news, there is a good news. The bad news is that most people can't get out of the "middle income trap" in their lifetime.

good news is that God, after all, is still a few people prepared four ways.


how to jump out of the "middle income trap" one: the solution to the problem

I am writing, "the company why there is a" small circle "culture? What kind of person can enter the "small circle"? "When someone commented:" the key is your ability, if the ability is superior, in fact can be independent of the small circle ", I replied:" that clever mind can replace interpersonal communication, there is no problem, after a certain problem.

Huang Jimmy is an expert in writing, can be in communication with the designers, report to the customer, frequently dropped iq. Many business experts have a mentality, preferring to work overtime for a target specific tasks, and people do not want to deal with this disorder and disorder of animals.

before, colleagues and superiors think Jimmy is a talented young people, not a good talk, but also to endure. To his Dudangyimian time...... Come out to mix, always want to return?

there are a lot of potential entrants, business ability does not seem so strong, but they know how to cooperate with the expert to complete complex problems, they know how to find the resources of other departments to solve their own problems, they will find a balance between personality and their own personality.

do you think these people do not have the ability, just good? Sorry, your understanding of the ability is still stuck in the student thinking.

whether it is business or professional managers, in essence, is to solve the problem, is to let others or resources to make money for themselves. The richest man's small goal is to earn one hundred million, because there are thousands of people and hundreds of dollars to help him make money ah.

of course, some people think that love is single-handed, "hell is other people", he must be caught in a "middle-income trap"?

is not necessarily, there are some relatively small minority of a point.


" out of the "middle income trap" two: to solve the problem of

scarcity scarcity is irreplaceable.

a company in the most unable to replace the person, not the general manager, but the technology. So, there is a legend in the copy, salary is higher than the general manager.

Huang Jimmy said: those who do not have the level of legend, so high.

pattern Tucson broken! Do you think the company is paying for their technology?

in some emphasize professional companies, such as consulting, finance, advertising and other industries, Daniel is always of the benchmark figures, they are the existence of God, is to guide the new to the eternal power. In some innovative companies, the technology to solve the problem of the industry is the forefront of the problem, they have to find the way the company's future.

they solve the company's strategy, corporate culture, brand level issues, which is higher than the level of management problems, which is the reason for the high technology daniel. In

become Daniel Road, the biggest problem is not technology, but the demand is too small, usually only a few large companies need this sophisticated talent.

so Jimmy's another direction is a compound talent, and most people are worth a try.

to apply our commonly used sentence, to do a "A in the most B, B in the most A" people.

such as Jimmy can be the workplace goals as: copy of the most understand the design, design of the most people who know copy; or can not only out of the program, and can sell the draft. The high pay of

compound talents is still not related with technology, and it is still a management problem.

communication will always require the cost of your own and your communication, that is, in order to save the company personnel management costs.

you a person to solve the problem of two people, the company will be able to give you two times the salary.


out of the Middle Income Trap three: to solve the problem of demand

demand is that you need people in the past is the company, now refers to the circle.

I was in a previous article, "why the female school tyrants will become a full-time wife?" In the past, we define a person who likes to use the "company + position" approach, such as "Tencent XX director". Today, the company title has no value, a person's value, mainly reflected in his circle, as well as his role in the circle.

that is, if you can't improve the level of your problem, you can solve more problems to the outside of the company.

is a vast world, has much to offer. To WeChat micro-blog up, to a variety of groups in the circle of friends, to know almost on the line up, to the people most in need of your place to go, the realization of your knowledge. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_3" class= =''>


read this piece of it, big companies today than at any time in history are easily collapse. The company is easy to fall, circle forever, to know that you are more than the vast majority of enterprises.

from the company to the circle, to solve the problem of what level? Resource allocation is not a lot of people in the eyes of the big problem, but your daily work. Some professional, many companies do not want to set up special posts, please analyze more love.

so, the middle class, to the needs of the circle, to accept the fans of re education, it is necessary.


jumped out of the "middle income trap" Four: to solve the problem of money

has a saying: if you want money, then go directly to the change.

what, have not heard of it? I said.

the class is not a high income, but a high asset.

a struggle for eight or nine years, a little savings, work is not busy, not out of the middle-income trap, investment may be a better way.

if your family property after removal of the net worth is 5 times the annual income, as long as you have more than 10% annual rate of return, your income increased by nearly 50%, jumped out of the middle-income trap".

is now the subject of investment has been very rich, real estate, stocks, funds, bonds, foreign exchange, banking, futures, precious metals, foreign securities...... As long as the risk portfolio properly, as long as you spend one or two hours a day to study, to achieve an average annual rate of return of 10%, is not a very difficult thing.

focus is to spend time to study. I

in the investment forum, see a lot of expert, they used to spend time as long as ordinary people can do.

has one public fund investment, will be able to achieve average annual yield of 10%, his method is the study of hundreds of fund managers, fund managers, he is familiar with the family and relatives, their past performance, they have the trend of occupation, what great new......

don't tell me you bought the fund, you know who your fund manager is? Did a few years? What style? What are heavy breed?

" and one's research direction is the real estate, he studied the land market in Shanghai, the extension of rail transportation, regional planning, the government land auction price, developers brand premium and so on public information. Market prices tend to lag behind this information, 8 years, his family's net assets (excluding loans) 5 times the value added.

investment to solve what is the problem? To make your fortune eight hours away.

investment is "time rose", if he spends the days in overtime, inefficient flowers in that he is not good at interpersonal relationship, instead of studying this information, then, to keep on a house, even if the market is good, 8 years at most value 2-3 times.

so, do not use "not professionals" to find an excuse for your laziness, you can go to college, you can understand the use of this information, you will be able to find opportunities for wealth.

investment is a lonely business, your friend is one number, one index, advantage is not dealing with people of every day, all kinds of information, optimize their portfolio, some introverted person, but full of fun.


"middle income trap" is called a trap, because you stay there for a long time, think this is the whole world, think this life is normal, that light is really the only after 30 years of the words.

out of the trap, only four words:

first, become the management or technical master, need to focus on your strengths;

second, to become the industry reds, need to focus on your circle; third,

become the master of investment, need to focus on your time; < / p>

then, to become their own occupation development CEO.

let your income match your efforts, starting with the most valuable questions.

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