Which country currency depreciation is the most miserable? Not Mexico but them

Money Mexico but two

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a lot of the world's currencies are called Dollar, such as Canadian dollars (Dollar Canadian), Australian dollars (Dollar Australian), Singapore dollars (Dollar Singapore), and Hong Kong dollar (Kong Dollar Hong), etc.. But in the United States in the Chinese circle, only U.S. dollars (Dollar US) is known as the "knife", and even some people will be a full U. S. dollars".

dollar plays an important role in the international exchange rate market. In the upcoming November, as Trump was elected president of the United States, the global exchange rate market volatility. Today, the Federal Reserve and its chairman Yellen's two position, to enhance the dollar's interest rate hike expectations. Multiple factors resonance, the dollar index soared, while most other countries have become the victim of money $under the knife.

although the RMB devaluation, but the Chinese people can take advantage of this, why? (at the end of the paper, there are eggs)

11 months which devaluation most?

11 date (November 26th), the dollar index rose from 98.32 to 101.48, the cumulative increase of 3.11%; if elected president of the United States, from the United States on November 8th Trump date, the dollar index rose 3.54%. Class= img_box "

as of November 26th 14:40 dollar index

dollar strong, other currency situation how? Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter combing out the November 1st ~25 period, the world's major currency devaluation.

" since November 1st this year to November 25th Beijing time is about 19:00, the world's major currencies against the dollar devaluation (click to enlarge) according to

, many people had expected monetary performance to be depreciated but stable, such as Mexico bissau.

during the U.S. presidential election, Mexico's most sad reminder of the. Trump during the entire campaign, said that in order to limit the illegal immigrants, in the United States and Mexico border to build a wall. Within a day of November 9th, Mexico's devaluation was as high as 11.82%.

, however, Trump in the victory speech and 21 video speech, did not talk about the border wall". 11 days later, Mexico's exchange rate is relatively stable. As of November 25th 19:00 or so, Mexico's devaluation of the November devaluation of 8.80%.

Sterling performance is also surprising. Since June this year, the devaluation of the pound has reached a maximum of 19.92%, and in the morning of October 7th, also occurred two minutes or 10% of the flash crash". But in November, the pound has stabilized and rebounded, against the U.S. dollar rose by 1.77%.

another currency in November, the appreciation of the currency is the Australian dollar, the appreciation rate of 2.38%. The appreciation of the Australian dollar is mainly due to the domestic economy to improve. November 15th, the November meeting of the Australian Federal Reserve announced that the Australian economy moderate growth, the Australian dollar is likely to complicate the economic transformation.

according to the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters statistics show that there are two national currencies in November was close to the "cut", they are Egyptian pounds and Venezuelan Bolivar devaluation of 48.94% and 45%, respectively.

in addition to the strong impact of the U.S. dollar, the devaluation of the pound so much, is because the central bank announced in November 3rd to allow the exchange of Egyptian Pound free float. On the same day in November 3rd, the U.S. dollar against the Egyptian Pound exchange rate from the previous 1:8.8 up: 1:13, the Egyptian Pound devaluation of 48%!

2016 August 22nd ~11 25 dollar exchange rate movements in Egypt Egyptian pounds

central bank to take the direct cause of a floating exchange rate policy, is the lack of dollar reserves. This year in September and October, the Egyptian Pound exchange rate in the domestic market, a depreciation and then banished, fell to the lowest level in the history of 1:12.99. This year, the black market exchange rate fell more than 50%. In November 12th, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board of directors approved $three in loans to Egypt for 12 billion years in order to help Egypt get rid of economic difficulties.

on the domestic economic situation in Venezuela, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter has repeatedly reported. Venezuela was once the South American "rich oil" of the country, but the collapse of oil prices triggered a chain reaction of the domestic economy.

now, the domestic vicious inflation led to the devaluation of its currency Bolivar serious. According to the black market exchange rate tracking site dolartoday.com data, from November to the beginning of (to November 24th), Bolivar has fallen by 45%, the U.S. dollar exchange rate has dropped to 1:2753. According to Bloomberg statistics, this is the largest single month decline in the history of the currency.

" Venezuelan currency since 2011 monthly depreciation rate, data source: Bloomberg

because of severe depreciation of the currency, a lot of the Venezuelan people buy things now when cash is not counted, but directly with the weighing scales.

on the 2016 inflation rate in Venezuela, Bloomberg, 13 analysts conducted a survey. The survey results show that 13 analysts expected a median of 400%, the rate of inflation expectations for each analyst from 257% to 1500%. International Monetary Fund October forecast, the Venezuelan inflation rate in 2016 or will reach 475.8%. April, IMF has predicted that the Venezuelan inflation rate in 2017 will be as high as 1642% in 2019 will increase to 3497%!

yen to become the most powerful devaluation of the Asian Currency

Asian markets, the extent of the devaluation of the currency.

according to the RMB exchange rate published by the people's Bank Chinese data show that in October 31st this year, the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate is 1 dollar to 6.7641 yuan; in November 25th, the RMB exchange rate is 1 dollar to 6.9168 yuan. November cumulative decline of 2.21%. Class= img_box "

compared with the RMB, the depreciation of other Asian countries is very tragic. For example, the yen depreciated by 7.27% in November, this month become the most serious devaluation of major Asian currencies; Malaysia ringgit in Trump after winning the election, the exchange rate reached 1:4.5380, close to the 1998 Asian financial crisis level. But at the beginning of November to date (25 days), the ringgit devaluation of 5.91%, slightly better than the yen. In addition to

by the dollar rate hike is expected to affect the rise and Trump was elected president, in order to combat the "black economy", India introduced a large monetary policy in India abolished circulation, the rupee is 2.54%; while the dollar Peso exchange rate is Philippines 1:50 break in November 24th, for the first time in 2008.

from the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter made the form can be seen in the world's major currencies, and even major currencies in Asia, the devaluation of the RMB is actually not.

soon to be close to the new year's day and the Spring Festival, and like the friends of travel is ushered in the gospel.

11 months, Asian currencies, the yen and the Malaysia ringgit devaluation of two currencies is the most serious. So, if the Chinese people to travel in Japan and Malaysia, can be accounted for a lot cheaper through the exchange rate. Moreover, the two countries have been the main destination for Chinese tourists.

source: statistical data of the Ministry of land and the tourism office announced in October 31st the East IC

display, as of October 30th 2016, foreign tourists visiting Japan has more than 20 million people, this is the annual visitors to Japan for the first time exceeded 20 million people. From August to January this year, the number of Chinese tourists to Malaysia reached 1 million 400 thousand, an increase of 26.3% compared to the same period in 2015 1 million 110 thousand people. Moreover, according to the reference news network reported in November 4th, Malaysia culture and Tourism Minister Nazy announced that Chinese tourists to Malaysia visa waiver measures will be extended from one year to December 31, 2017.

in recent years, Turkey has become a tourist destination China heart. In November, Turkey 10.12% lira, to Chinese tourists, is also very cost-effective. However, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that the first half of this year, Turkey's security situation deteriorated sharply, the tourism industry in Turkey is very serious blow.

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