GREE group Huanshuai: Zhou Lewei served as party secretary and Chairman


zhongguojingyingwang· 2016-11-28 21:31:08

reporter Wu Junjie reported in Guangzhou

air conditioning appliance giant GREE renewed waves of personnel. The Zhuhai municipal SASAC official website announced on November 28th, Zhou Lewei was appointed secretary of the Party committee, committee member, chairman and legal representative of the GREE group, GREE group Xiangkai Meng and removed from the party secretary, committee member.

public information, Zhou Lewei was born in December 1970, served as chairman of the company, the Zhuhai airshow conference and Exhibition Bureau, exhibition group chairman. In October 2015, as Guangdong Zhuhai Jinwan District standing committee, deputy director of the municipal Party committee, Aviation Industrial Park Administrative committee. In September 2016, the Guangdong city of Zhuhai province Jinwan District Fourth District committee.

it is worth noting that the Zhuhai municipal SASAC announced the personnel dated November 22nd. With GREE electric released Meng Xiangkai announcement the same day to resign. GREE electric announced in November 22nd, said the company's board of directors on the date of receipt of the application report submitted by Mr. Meng Xiangkai, the company asked to resign from the company's tenth board of directors duties.

public information display, Meng Xiangkai in 1961, 55 year old. GREE group's official website shows that Meng Xiangkai since August 2014, has served as party secretary of Zhuhai GREE group. And in May of that year, he served as director of GREE electric. Prior to the GREE electric, he served as chairman of the aircraft Co., Ltd., and GREE electrical appliances in Zhuhai. Dong Mingzhu in the 2015 3 month that Meng Xiangkai quit on the media, said: "I did not dig him, but he is willing to, and take the initiative to come to us.

it is reported that GREE's current tenth board of directors elected in June 2015, the three year term to the end of June 2018. Today, Meng Xiangkai's term of office is not full, in advance to apply for withdrawal. As to what the reason, GREE electric announced that the Department of personal job change meng.

earlier in the evening of November 11th, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE group, the news has triggered widespread concern. Zhuhai SASAC as early as October 18th on the GREE group's board of directors issued a notice: Dong Mingzhu was removed from the Zhuhai GREE Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors, the legal representative office".

according to the Zhuhai SASAC and the GREE electric group, Dong Mingzhu stepped down mainly to avoid touching the position "on promoting the state-owned enterprise leaders honest practitioners and prohibit illegal part-time" notice "on the state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership ESOP pilot opinions" to carry out the policy of the red line. GREE Electric said, based on the relevant provisions of the state and I will. "Although

, GREE said," Dong Mingzhu stepped down as chairman of GREE group office is normal work changes, Zhuhai SASAC will also support the director general (Dong Mingzhu) as in the past! "But the appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng told reporters, after Dong Mingzhu stepped down as chairman of the group office, the new chairman of GREE group and GREE GREE electric appliances around the development of such inevitable differences, such as friction, which objectively caused Dong Mingzhu to weaken GREE electric control. Zhou Lewei is

for the GREE group party secretary and chairman and other positions in a home appliance industry observers said Liu Buchen, the arrival of Zhou Lewei or GREE in 2018 to pave the way for the election. GREE group's core assets are GREE electric. The Zhou Lewei administration's experience, the GREE group in the full vigour of life, served as party secretary and chairman, more like to pave the way for the future as chairman of GREE. "

as of November 22nd announcement, Meng Xiangkai holds 17000 shares in GREE electric company, according to the relevant provisions of the shares held by the transfer of its departure within six months. In contrast, GREE electric three quarterly Dong Mingzhu holds 44298.492 shares of GREE Electric shares, accounting for 0.74%, ranked the tenth largest shareholder.

GREE today announced that evening, during November 17, 2016 to November 28th because the company stock price increase has reached 27%, the exchange rate reached 32%. Company stock since November 29, 2016 opening suspension.

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