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Internet of things innovation industry

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the Thomson Reuters released" 2016 global innovation report "covering twelve areas, including innovative home appliances, semiconductors, information technology, telecommunications and other industries by networking effects play a great role.

" 2016 report "global innovation using patent data and global technology based on the literature review, in-depth analysis of the global innovation situation and pointed out that in 2015, the history of innovation is the most active year for innovation, the growth rate reached 13.7%. The report covers the aerospace, medical, automotive manufacturing, information technology, semiconductor, household appliances and other 12 industries, and described the industry's top ranked in the sub fields, institutional innovation. The report shows that " medical equipment, household appliances, aerospace and defense and other areas of the most significant growth, while the number of innovation in information technology accounted for 12 of the 31% industries, is still the focus of the . In the future, subversive innovation will be the characteristics of the digital age. The report proposes a new concept - cooperative innovation (Collabovation) to describe the current integration of innovation, innovation, training, cross industry concept in a new trend. Cooperation and innovation will continue in the enterprise, University, government, research institutions and innovative enterprises.

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we will first innovation is divided into 12. Field, including: aerospace and defense, automotive, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and beverage and tobacco, household appliances, information technology, medical equipment, oil and gas development, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and telecommunications. In 2015, the number of patents in the 11 fields has increased, especially in medical equipment, household appliances and air defense growth is the most significant.

112 innovation in the field of panorama

throughout the past 7 years, the overall number of patents in these 12 areas to maintain sustained upward.

global patent number (2009-2015)

3 compared to 2009, in 2015 the industry growth rate of

will dominate the future, innovation and economic development, the state and enterprises will invest more in research and development departments, the allocation of funds and more resources for these sectors, disruptive innovation will be a mark of the digital age the. To deal well with the balance of exploration, conservation and commercialization, they will gain a sustained growth.

(two) enter the field of aerospace and Defense Department of the Milky Way

NASA in 2016 will invest $18 billion 500 million for space exploration plans throughout the year will deploy 13 scientific or transport mission. In addition, the European Space Agency began looking for private partners to carry out space exploration, these partners may also be a group of non aerospace industry.

4 aerospace and defense field growth

style= "max-width: 100% min-height: box-sizing: border-box; 1em; important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important;" > last year, innovation and development reflects the people to conquer new areas of demand, while expanding people up to the flight boundary that prompted the faster, bigger and more luxurious China's aircraft continue to produce. Aerospace and defense sector experienced a rapid growth of 15%, of which the growth rate of aircraft and satellite technology is the most significant (23%), followed by manufacturing technology (19%) and propulsion technology (15%). This competition for innovation is to allow humans to better survive on the earth, to solve the pollution, to respond to the ensuing climate change. The participants of the competition from all over the world, but the United States is in a leading position. The world's top ten innovative research institutions in the United States accounted for 8, the other two agencies from the European Union organization.

in Table 1 the most influential in the field of Aerospace Research Institute (2005-2015)

Figure 5 car field growth

2014 at the end of the year to the end of 2015, under the innovation of automobile industry growth of 8%, almost all of the sub areas are in rapid development, including the seat belt the airbag and innovative growth (34%), followed by the first suspension system (17%) and alternative energy vehicles (15%). Asia continues to dominate the field of global innovation, car prices before 10 in Asia accounted for 6, China with the largest truck manufacturer Foton for the first time into the top ten, ranked ninth.

Table 2 the world's ten largest car enterprises innovation (2015)

<" 100%; box-sizing: border-box; min-height: 1em; Word-wrap: break-word! ">2015, biological engineering has experienced a lot of" for the first time". One of the most eye-catching is the CRISPR program, which is the change in the structure of the target DNA through intervention to affect the immune system technology. In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a series based on biological engineering technology, including the first bispecific antibody Amgens Blincyto, the first copy of biological drugs Novartis'Zarxio and accelerate the growth of salmon by biotechnology.

Figure 6 sub

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biotechnology is only a drop in the number of patents, decline rate of 2%. 2014 the number of patents in the field has increased by 7%. In 2015, only generic biotechnology was increased by 3% in the biotech sub sector, but the disease diagnostics dropped by 20% and drug discovery was followed by a 13% drop. In China, France, Germany, Korea, the United States led the innovation of biotechnology. Ten of the world's largest biotechnology innovation organizations, China and the United States occupy 3, accounting for 2 of france. At present, the development of biotechnology tends to be flat, but whether the future will be again force is still uncertain. To be sure, the outcome of this field will have a huge impact on human, plant, animal and other life.

ten global table 3 the innovation of bio technology innovation mechanism (2015)

style=" max-width: 100% min-height: box-sizing: border-box; 1em; important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important; "> in the foreseeable future, the future of the industry is mature, although we are not known as the" 2016 most beautiful women "Jennifer Aniston so moving, but now the innovative technology can replicate this beautiful.

Although smoking is harmful, but in the food, beverage and tobacco, tobacco innovation is still dominant.

now most in need of innovation in the field than the grain planting, in order to supply the growing population, provide more choices for health hazard. In 2016, people's resistance to genetically modified foods and "unnatural" foods will increase, people tend to be more healthy food and drinks.

8 meals

; although in the field of biological engineering, research on genetically modified crops made a lot of innovation, but these products are not included in the transgenic food innovation output. So the field was almost unchanged from last year, a slight increase of 1%, the largest contribution to its contribution to the brewing technology sub area (18%) and baking technology (6%). Ten innovative companies in addition to all of the rest of the United States from china. Especially in the brewing technology, China's leading global.

5; table ten global food, beverages and tobacco Innovation Agency

smart Internet family has not far away and the concept of development of intelligent home now on ten years ago as Arabian Nights. It is this kind of intelligent interconnection to promote the innovation of household appliances, gave birth to a new Internet of things. Things will bring us an unprecedented convenient life, and quickly let us have a dependency, the development of the Internet of things by the user to define.

growth figure 9 home appliances field of  

6 table ten global innovation mechanism of home appliances (2015)

largely, information technology also has positive impact on things and prosperity again. The demand of Internet of things for software, sensors and chips has promoted the development of information technology. Cloud based technology is another driving force to promote the development of information technology. Over the next two years, at least half of the information technology growth comes from cloud related technologies. In addition, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many other advanced technologies are based on information technology as a link, it is the cornerstone of the digital era.

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