The number of MFi certification authority manufacturers surge but the quality has not improved

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weifengwang· 2016-11-28 22:56:23

MFi certification (Made Wei Feng network news, For iDevice) is a Apple Corp has been authorized accessories, often these certified products were found to have a higher quality of the products, but also more recognized by consumers.

Apple has clear and mandatory requirements for all authorized dealers, functional accessories for Apple products, sales must be certified and licensed brands of accessories, or use without authorization of the damaged parts caused by products of Apple products, the Apple Corp will not make any warranty. Therefore, consumers will be more in favor of MFi certification products. However, according to media reports, despite the number of licensed manufacturers in recent years, MFi surge, but the quality does not seem to be proportional to the number of growth.

"IT times" reporter learned through Apple's official website information, the number of Apple's authorized vendors have quickly soared to about 900, which came from Chinese (including Hong Kong and Macao) manufacturers a total of about 700, the number is more than 10 times in 2013. In the last 5 months, the global MFi business to maintain a rapid growth momentum, an increase of 150. It is reported that

, the data line Chinese electricity supplier website sales also has many problems, not only the existence of a large number of inferior products, some products also sell false tagging has been the official apple MFi certification. Insiders to remind consumers, if you buy the MFi certified Apple data line price below 20 yuan, it is possible to buy a fake. In addition, some of the domestic data line manufacturers common practice is that only a few of their products to apply for MFi certification, and more than the sale of unauthorized products.

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