China 2 submarine South China Sea confrontation: while you charge to your life

Torpedo submarine Navy South China Sea

yangshixinwenkehuduan· 2016-11-29 00:09:07

potential to fight against the organization because of the difficulty of the implementation of large, high security risks, has been the focus and difficulty of the Navy Combat training. For security considerations, prior to the training area is often delineated water depth interval zone as a penalty area, the two sides can only be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the deep water in their respective water. Even the Japanese Navy, the South China Sea Fleet submarine detachment to break the "depth interval zone" restrictions, conditions to carry out combat dive antisubmarine drills to improve the combat capability of submarine sea assault.

day, the South China Sea Fleet submarine detachment, 373 submarines in the 326 South China Sea, the submarine launched a "real conditions to" real confrontation exercise. One, 326 submarines lead a deep dive, fast locking 373 submarines, and launched a torpedo attack.

" in the South China Sea Fleet submarine detachment 326 submarine captain Fu Libing: No "depth interval zone" restrictions, both sides can according to their own characteristics to a wide range of equipment in the water under the water for a long time to maneuver, the true sense of the solid defense at the same time, also let us feel the future ahead of the submarine commander submarine warfare and anti submarine warfare intense scene.

likewise, without the "water depth isolation zone" of the restrictions, the 373 submarine quickly take a big angle to turn, the success of the opponent to avoid the attack.

"water depth interval" is a special division of submarine and submarine confrontation, due to the quiet effect of modern submarines are very good, submarine and submarine in the training is easy to find collision. In order to avoid collision, the two sides must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the water level in their respective activities.

of the South China Sea Fleet submarine detachment Pan Huixiong: "although the depth interval with" guarantee the safety of the submarine, but it is difficult to simulate the real battlefield environment, limited submarine tactical maneuvering range, so it has become a submarine combat jump barrier belt, must dare to break through the "depth interval zone", improve the quality and efficiency of combat training.

" the detachment of the initiative as, in a time of actual combat, constantly sum up experience, combing against data, and combined with universities and research institutes experts jointly developed a set of simulation software for underwater submarine, specializing in refining, expanding and extending the fight free dive in.

in the depths of the sea, two submarines "back to back" self confrontation, no route planning, no plans to complete by the commanders, autonomous decision-making, and attack the opponent. Reporters on the scene saw drill, against a long time high intensity, 326 submarine power first in an emergency, with a passing fishing float charging facilities cover. The 373 submarine is accurate to determine the blue side of the submarine movements, and to the best water to the best depth of the 326 submarine launched an attack".

" in the South China Sea Fleet submarine detachment long voyage is off, pan Teruo: dive is a battle. Only the bold and innovative training mode and against the rules, made from time and frequency of maneuver against mandatory, forcing the army to start against the real thing, in order to win the initiative in the future battlefield under water, in order to become to defend national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of the deep iron fist.

exercise, they have synergistic anti submarine machine as the third party, to search and attack on two anti submarine. Two submarines in the rival at the same time, we must actively respond to the water and air anti submarine forces attack, greatly improving the submarine combat difficulty. Through the exercise, to maximize the construction of submarine combat environment under combat conditions, the maximum test and improve the decision-making ability and coordination with the commander of the submarine submarine battle stations. (CCTV reporter Zhou Yancheng Zhang Dongjie Zhang Yuanshuo Tang Kai Li Youtao)

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