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28 morning, Zhejiang University School of medicine in the Department of Cardiology of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to the medical office, just go to work are in a discussion just from young patients: a 27 year old guy, on the evening of 27 chest pain, was rushed to the hospital, the rescue of sudden cardiac arrest three times, almost died in directly the operating table. More than 7

27 evening, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital surgeon, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology physician Zhu Junhui down from the operating table, in the circle of friends made the news. "the young man is very fat, 1 meters 7, 186 jin. 1 hours after onset, he took a taxi to the hospital, a little later, people can not put back estimation. "

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Department of Cardiology several doctors have said that both the incidence of disease, or after the onset of self-help, this case is a warning significance, it is worth to be discussed. The incidence of

young people are the four main factors of

27 are all

27 year old guy on the afternoon of the 5, Xiao Li (alias) Huanghuangzhangzhang to come from the taxi, pale, one hand clutching his chest, he kept shouting "my chest pain, walking a little light. Did not take the two step, directly down to the ground, vomiting up.

nearly 190 pounds so a strong young man, how it looks so bad, feeling immediately to a coma? One side rushed him to the emergency room. Soon, the inspection report came out: acute myocardial infarction,

there is a risk of life, have to quickly surgery!

on the operating table, the jaws of death was approaching danger. Dr.

Zhu Junhui recalled, surgery lasted more than 2 hours (1 hours after the successful operation of the myocardial infarction is generally about hours), the patient developed a three cardiac arrest. for defibrillation three times, before he pulled back from the gates of mouth. Doctors have been scared to clear the blood. In general patients, blocking the vascular thrombosis is only about the size of a grain of rice, and from the heart right coronary artery lad drew many thrombus, a small thumb maximum so long. In the course of the operation, the suction catheter was broken down by three.

" why so serious? It is worth reminding everyone that this is related to the cause.

Zhu Junhui should do every year hundreds of thousands of heart surgery, admissions of patients with coronary heart disease. Originally the incidence of older people, and now the incidence of young people are rising, almost every week, several, the youngest only 21 years old. The main cause of the disease is atherosclerosis. And the young people the cause of the disease, he listed the following several common points.

a closer look, found that the incidence of small guy yesterday evening, the factors are -

1, obesity. Li's weight is absolutely overweight, 1 meter 7 tall, 187 pounds. Cholesterol, thrombosis index all Biao red blood more prone to clotting blocked blood vessels. And usually move less, eat too much, he was in the emergency room at the entrance of the whole place last night, a look at the noon eat too much.

2, smoking. Li is also a smoker, an average of 1 packs a day.

3, stay up late. he is engaged in tourism, from Shandong alone to Hangzhou to work, the amount of work at the end of the year, the recent work overtime. Myocardial infarction patients in recent years more up, a lot of IT family to see a doctor, one asked almost everyone to stay up late.

4, other underlying diseases. According to reports, Xiao Li suffering from kidney disease, but also increased the viscosity of blood, easy to form a thrombus.

timely notice two symptoms of myocardial infarction

boy saved his life Dr.

Zhu Junhui special praise Xiao Li, "the young man is 1 hours after onset, they fight to the hospital, if he was not the prevention awareness, if later, the rescue is very difficult".

network with

heart attack symptoms two. is a severe chest pain, because this is the typical symptoms of intense pain. The other is vomiting, no effort, more easily and common digestive tract diseases confusion, which is not typical.

and Li mi attack, two problems are accounted for qi. Most importantly, when he found himself in the chest pain symptoms, 1 hours after the attack on the fight to the hospital. And this has the symptoms of a sense of medical care, a lot of people do not have. Dr.

Zhu Junhui encountered too much because of the neglect of myocardial infarction symptoms, did not come to the death of patients with medical results in a timely manner. "a lot of people feel chest stuffy at night, think of pain, boil a boil again in second days, the past is great, but more is not boil over, that night he went away. "

wants to go to a doctor in time, to clear the symptoms of myocardial infarction. From typical and atypical two symptoms, the money newspaper reporter specifically asked Dr. Zhu Junhui specifically speaking -

1, severe chest pain for half an hour, have to hurry to see. Many elderly people often confuse the chest pain caused by myocardial infarction and angina. There is a difference between the two. Myocardial infarction caused by chest pain lasted for a long time, but not pain, pain is the chest is pressed firmly, firmly blocked the feeling.

2, heart attack, chest pain is the most important, but sometimes manifested as stomach pain or toothache, pay attention to eliminating the causes. For example, the presence of vomiting, no strength and other symptoms, excluding digestive tract disease or other problems, still can not find the cause, but also did not get ease will quickly come to the hospital to see.

network with figure

also remind you that if you have a heart attack, the awareness and ability of activities, whether you were at work or in learning to stop in time, medical . Like Xiao Li in a timely manner to the hospital, is a very good practice.

, of course, it's better to call 120 first aid. The telephone must be clear to tell the operator your specific address and the expression of myocardial infarction. If you have family and friends in the side, just give them to do what you have to do is to lie, or sit down, don't walk around, waiting for rescue.

source: Evening News reporter He Lina

editor: Wu Jianfeng

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