15 year old debut was praised the most clean star, has not been a big red

Actress entertainment Li Youbin Li Xiaomeng

beiqingwangyule· 2016-11-29 06:00:57

15 years old is like the most clean debut actress, but there has been no red, now love fade out the entertainment

" at the age of 15 Li Xiaomeng had his debut, starred in "who says I don't care", the film that Li Xiaomeng won the Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actress the nomination, she also became the youngest actor nomination.

" she and Li Youbin, Juan Zi together in "the woman is no longer silent" also made a lot of attention with a very deep impression on her, age is small but acting is superb

Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei's relationship is the entertainment thing that everyone knows about two people, after seven years of long-distance love finally succeeded after the wedding.

2014 Li Xiaomeng in "ordinary world" in the field of Xiao Xia, the character also let her have the impression before the audience to know her. Each role

Li Xiaomeng are very successful, although not enjoyed remarkable pursuit never, but now very happy life.

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