The property market and the big news! Last night, Tianjin, Shanghai under the heavy hand


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last night, the property market came big news! Shanghai, Tianjin, the purchase of the policy to upgrade, and Shanghai's regulatory policy can be called harsh!

source: Oriental IC

can you imagine the second-hand housing market and the recent weather, enter the "frozen" look?

Shoufu increase again, housing and credit recognition

yesterday (28 days) at 9 pm, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee, the people's Bank of Shanghai branch, Shanghai Banking Bureau jointly issued "on the promotion of the real estate market is stable and healthy and orderly development of the notice" to further improve the differentiated housing credit policy, which mainly involves the property market credit policy is:

since November 29, 2016, households to purchase the first set of housing for commercial loans, down payment of not less than 35%.

has 1 sets of housing in the city or in the city, but there are no housing housing loans of households for commercial loans, since the purchase of ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%.

" on the same day, Shanghai city housing provident fund management committee issued "on the adjustment of the housing provident fund personal loans policy notice", requires strict implementation of provident fund:

differentiated credit policy, increase to second sets to improve the type of buyers Shoufu ratio 50% to ordinary commercial housing and non ordinary commercial housing 70%, two sets of two sets of ordinary commercial housing loan interest rates go up 10%, ordinary commercial housing personal loans ceiling down 100 thousand yuan, and there have been two times to stop recording employees provident fund loans family bank loans.

in addition, the notice also requires the borrower to provident fund account balance to determine the ratio of loan amount from 40 times down to 30 times; the strict implementation of the Ministry of housing and the repayment ability of calculation reduced the proportion of monthly debt accounted for the wage base is less than 40%, and the diameter of second sets of housing improvement standard. Class= img_box "

some people will be in Beijing, Shenzhen,'s new deal with the policy of the Shanghai were compared.

Beijing September 30th new home: the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy). The

has 1 sets of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial individual housing loans of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%.

Shenzhen: National Day new loans to the housing and credit record, continue to implement the 30% down payment of housing loans; but the record, down payment of not less than 50%; more than 1 sets of housing, Shoufu increased to more than 70%. Results:


is the first set of loans in Shenzhen than in Beijing, down 5 percentage points lower, but in the housing and credit recognition on tight in Beijing, Shanghai, the most serious!

2. in the two sets of loans, Shenzhen housing loan does not recognize, Shenzhen than Beijing is slightly tight, regardless of whether it is an ordinary room, all 70% shoufu. Shanghai recognition of the housing and credit, tight in Shenzhen, and Beijing are elastic, slightly tight overall in Shenzhen.

's first mortgage and two loans, Shanghai the most severe, followed by Shenzhen, Beijing again!

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that the introduction of the new deal in Shanghai, Tianjin also introduced a new housing credit policy. Yesterday, notice of the people's Bank of China Tianjin branch official website hung out on Further Strengthening the management of housing credit policy by the bank and Tianjin Banking Bureau jointly issued the "". The main contents of

as follows:

of households for commercial individual housing loans to buy the first set of housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 30%; to have 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding to households, to improve the living conditions of again the application of commercial housing loans to individuals to purchase housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 40%; but for non city residence households, the purchase of the first set of housing in the city's six districts and the Wuqing area, the proportion of the minimum down payment loan is 40%.

two, the specification phase secured loan management. Personal housing loans secured loans to the stage before the purchase contract should be completed and the borrower has provided the first payment and payment of taxes, payment of fees. For the real estate development enterprises can not provide adequate guarantees, shall not be completed before the completion of the registration of mortgage or mortgage advance payment of individual housing loans. For the existence of "cover disc Xishou", "drive up prices", "down payment loan" was in charge of the industry sector as a serious violation of the real estate development enterprises, not to carry out security cooperation. The implementation of

three, the policy of the date of promulgation, not clearly matters continue in accordance with the current national differential housing credit policy implementation. After the release of the Department in charge of the city real estate information system network signed a formal purchase contract, in accordance with the requirements of this notice execution.

property market will enter the frozen model?

it is worth noting that the Shanghai property market regulation, perhaps the most important is that only the original housing loan does not recognize, but now even more houses sold all kinds of process clean, as long as can be found in the loan outstanding etc., still must be limited both the housing and credit recognition. Moreover, this round of policy also requires verification of the country's national credit, covering a large lot of coverage.

Shanghai Centaline market analyst Lu Wenxi to the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter said: the original credit policy only housing loan does not recognize that as long as the hands of clearing houses, or to buy the first set of. Adjusted policies both recognition and recognition of the housing loan, which means that as long as the previous credit records, and then buy a house is determined to be second sets, the impact is particularly evident in the improvement of the purchase. For example, it is through the sale of one or two sets to collect down payment, the original is ready to buy 10 million, you have 3 million in the hands of 7, can be credited to into, and now recognize the housing and credit, 10 million can only buy 6 million of the room.

for the first suite down payment ratio increased by 5%, in fact, the psychological impact is greater than the actual. The first suite is generally based on their own living mainly in new homes in Shanghai were set 500 million, most of it is about 200000, the purchasing power of buyers, do not constitute much short-term constraints, probably because the payment ability is not enough, temporarily shelved. May be a few months after the ability to reach the payment, will soon enter the market. Provident fund use from the original balance of 40 times, down to 30 times, reducing the use of leverage.

it is reported that in October Shanghai second-hand housing transaction volume of 20 thousand suites, basically in the normal flow, some market participants expected, from the beginning of December, second-hand housing transaction volume will decline to more than 10 thousand, the property market will freeze.

Shanghai housing prices will be how to go? Shanghai property market policy

issued last night, will have the greatest impact on the population replacement just, because the replacement was the mainstream of Shanghai house groups, Lu Wenxi said that the current replacement within central buyers to reach 9, the outer ring average to 6. The new deal means that this part of the customer is restricted.

according to the Shanghai provident fund center said that this adjustment contents are in line with the current overall healthy development of the real estate market and risk prevention and control direction, while taking into account the provident fund loan management continuity and gradual. "Policy on the provident fund deposit account balances and other content was fixed, making the subsequent blind extraction of provident fund and other ways to reduce.

from the introduction of the policy background, Shanghai in October, the introduction of Shanghai six after the market cooling, trading volume fell, but the transaction price is still rising. October National Bureau of statistics data show that Shanghai new commercial housing turnover average price rose 0.5%, while an increase of 37.4% compared to the same period.

from an increase of view, Shanghai is still in the growth of the former city, so the pressure is still not eliminated regulation. But in recent weeks Gaojiefang were more active, also led to price fluctuations, may bring a certain impact on the mentality of the market, through policy overweight can consolidate the control effect. In addition, since mid November, Shenzhen, Hangzhou city in the original control measures to be overweight. So Shanghai regulation of pyramid is not accidental".

source: Oriental IC

according to E-House research center data, as of November 28th, Shanghai continued to decline in the stock area of 6 million 330 thousand square meters. If in accordance with the past 6 months of the average transaction size is estimated, then the current inventory than or to the inventory cycle for 5.3 months.

according to the previously published by the National Bureau of the "national 70 city price index report" shows that in October this year, the national 70 large and medium-sized city in Shanghai, the chain price index increase ranking has dropped out of the top 10 levels shown to inhibit the rapid rise in housing prices overall to. From an increase of data, Shanghai ranked fourth in the country, of which the top three cities were Hefei, Xiamen and Nanjing. In other words, from the perspective of the price index, Shanghai is the largest city in the first tier cities in the largest increase in prices.

fact, November Shanghai market has been in low consolidation, and the amount of customers than last month reduced by half, is expected to control policies, local volume will shrink further; the price, the bargaining space has been expanded to 3-5%. With the trading volume shrinking, bargaining room to expand, there is a substantial fall in price. In this paper,

nbdnews daily economic news,

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