In the eyes of foreign science and technology people, who is the best smartphone this year?

Intelligent mobile phone

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MKBHD technology is one of the channels subscribed YouTube the highest and most influential, as the main broadcast MKBHD, Marques Brownlee from the screen size, camera, battery and so on, named the intelligent mobile phone in 2015 the best of his mind.

best big screen mobile phone

best small screen mobile phone


SONY Z5 Compact inherited Z5 Z5 and Premium's many advantages, including excellent performance, excellent camera and good endurance, which makes Z5 Compact become a good small screen mobile phone.

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first name: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S6 / Edge+ / S6 / S6 Edge

Samsung introduced this year are equipped with a 1600 pixel image, the effect is basically the same. They have a good resolution, vivid colors and a good dynamic range, while the 4K video recording effect of several mobile phones is also good.

second: LG V10

automatic mode, the imaging effect of LG V10 in many cases comparable to Note 5, you can use the manual mode to further improve the mining potential of V10. V10 LG biggest bright spot is the manual mode of video shot, if you plan to use a mobile phone to shoot a lot of video, then, V10 LG is the best choice.

iPhone 6S Plus Nexus, nominated: "6P

the two mobile phone camera with a fast and reliable results, the quality is also good, in particular, the mobile phone more than a few mentioned in the imaging of the gap is not big.

: the first one plus mobile phone X

a plus X in the United States without a contract price of only $250, while its body material and workmanship are far more than other products the price of the good. In addition, a X is also equipped with a 5 inches 1080p resolution AMOLED screen, metal frame, microSD card slot and high customization system (editor's note: the overseas edition of one plus X preloaded with oxygen OS near the original Android).

second: Moto X Style (Moto X Pure)

Moto X Style has excellent hardware configuration and operating system near the original Android, at the time of launch, Moto X Style is smart Motorola's high-end mobile phone, but its price is only $400.

: "the nomination of a mobile phone plus 2, Nexus 5X

although the battery capacity is not particularly large (3450 MA), but with the pre installed Android 6 Marshmallow system, Nexus 6P battery life than most mobile phone on the market to the good.

: LG V10, LG G4

LG mobile phone models are equipped with a large capacity battery can be replaced, which is currently the most effective "fast charging scheme".


there is no doubt that Priv is the best in the history of the intelligent mobile phone blackberry, although it is still very expensive, Android keyboard and PRIV system and not everyone will love BlackBerry custom but, after so many years, see BlackBerry can change To launch their own more excellent products, is still very exciting.

S6 Edge+

" in the mobile phone market thousands of machine side ", a little bit in the form of innovation will be able to get a lot of attention, Galaxy S6 Edge+ is such a product. The arc of the screen and a metal frame it perfectly together, can let you in a number of mobile phone in one eye and find it, I hope we can see more Samsung's "Edge" series of mobile phone next year.

most special mobile phone screen

Moto Droid Turbo: the first 2 (domestic version of Moto X

Droid Turbo 2 screen using Motorola ShatterShiled technology, which makes it become a real fall not broken screen.

second: SONY Z5 Premium

Z5 Premium is equipped with a resolution of up to 4K (3840 x 2160) screen, although in daily use, 4K resolution will not bring significant experience but, in the future, especially in the field of VR Z5 Premium 4K screen has a very large potential.

most disappointing mobile phone

HTC One A9

A9 and iPhone do not even consider how similar, as a replacement for the HTC One M9 products, A9 products have made too many compromises. Due to the processor's performance constraints, A9 does not support 4K shooting, in the past HTC mobile phone on the outstanding BoomSound speaker has been replaced by the home key, I hope HTC next year to launch a good product.


6P< /strong>

Nexus 6P has an excellent battery life and screen, camera, its performance and workmanship are impeccable, Nexus 6P is a mobile phone and almost no compromise. It costs $499 than many" flagship "is cheaper .

second: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Note 5 has the best screen mobile phone and the best camera, although not everyone love Samsung's TouchWhiz operating system, and it the back is prone to zhanre fingerprints, but these are not what big problem.

Moto X Style iPhone, nominated: 6S / 6S Plus, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

do not know if you believe Marques Brownlee ranking? You are welcome to share your views with us in the comments.

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