Fan Bingbing Li Chen married the net exposure million villa beautiful decoration

Li Chen Fan Bingbing photographer villa

beiqingwangyule· 2016-11-29 11:01:30

2016" in November 28th November 28th, Qingdao news photographer to the identity of the buyers risk inquire net the Fan Bingbing and Li Chen jointly funded the purchase of the villa luxury wedding room. Network biography Li Chen and Fan Bingbing marriage room is about 200 meters from the beach in a villa area. Villa area has been built to be able to stay in the villa, which is specific to the morning ice wedding room, the photographer did not dare to ask.

" according to the sales girl said that the area of the villa area of 200 square meters, the price per square metre in 4-5 million, it is more than ten million. Villa District, convenient transportation, good privacy, tight security. Photograph:

2016" in November 28th, Qingdao, photographer Fan Bingbing and Li Chen adventure spy network transmission co funded the purchase of luxury villa wedding room. Photograph:

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