Fan Bingbing fire in small golden horse ceremony night expression

Fan Bingbing the golden horse ceremony expression

fenghuangyule· 2016-11-29 11:01:35

Fan Bingbing denied the pregnancy of

expression adorable Golden Horse Awards ceremony ended, the piece has been crazy pass, the host and guest interaction not only frequently broke the news, also are dirt, let fans hooked. The

awards site, host Momoco Tao suggested that Hsu Chi Hsu Chi was pregnant, face Meng live speechless, but also ridicule under Fan Bingbing said: "now can't speak of it," Fan Bingbing responded immediately waved denied pregnancy! Tension to cover the face of the lovely face of the eruption of the user.

Momoco Tao broke the news to let users can not help but exclaim: "joke is too much! "And" don't do anything! "But, as have many years of experience Momoco Tao presided over the response said:" it is designed the plot, not deliberately dig privacy".

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