Beijing, Tianjin and development and Reform Commission approved the Beijing Tianjin inter city rail network planning 9 1100 km

Railway network planning inter city railway Beijing Tianjin and Hebei Province development and R

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发改委批复京津冀城际铁路网规划 9项目1100公里

original title: development and Reform Commission approved the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway Network Plan 9 project 1100 km

of the national development and Reform Commission on the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

intercity railway network plan approved by the

foundation [2016]2446

to China Railway Corporation, Beijing City, Tianjin City, Hebei the provincial development and Reform Commission submitted: Beijing and Tianjin Intercity Railway Network Planning Scheme on the

Chinese Railway Corporation, Beijing City, Tianjin City, Hebei province people's government to the United Daily News "(2015 - 2030), the letter" Chinese Railway Office "on the submission of supplemental Tianjin Intercity Railway Network Planning Scheme (20152030 years) received letter". In the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Collaborative Development Leading Group Office, are approved as follows:

, for the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy, promote the development of the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional transportation, construction of rail transportation as the backbone of the intercity transportation network, agreed in principle to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region intercity railway network planning scheme.

two, planning program

(a) planning scope. Beijing City, Tianjin city and Hebei province.

(two) development goals. In the Beijing, Beijing, Beijing Tang Qin Bao Shi "the three big channel as the main, to 2020, and the existing road network connected with all regional level and above city, the basic realization of Beijing Tianjin Shijiazhuang city center and surrounding towns 0.5 ~ 1 hours commuting circle, the Beijing Tianjin 0.5 ~ 1 hour traffic circle, effective support and guidance the adjustment of regional spatial layout and industrial transformation and upgrading. Forward to 2030 the basic form in "four vertical and four horizontal part for the skeleton of the intercity railway network.

(three) construction period and content. to 2020 before the implementation of Beijing to Bazhou railway, Beijing to Tangshan railway, Beijing to Tianjin railway, Chongli railway, Binhai New Area of Langfang Zhuozhou intercity railway, the capital airport to the new airport of Beijing intercity railway contact line, Beijing Langfang intercity railway to Pinggu, Guan to Baoding intercity railway, Beijing to Shijiazhuang Intercity Railway 9 projects with a total mileage of about 1100 km, estimated investment of about 247 billion yuan. forward according to Beijing, Tianjin collaborative development strategy needs, with the conditions of the project after the demonstration can be started in a timely manner.


Chinese, planning and implementation by railway company, Beijing City, Tianjin City, Hebei Province jointly responsible for the organization, planning and implementation of project construction and operation management, give full play to the role of Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway Investment company. Project construction adhere to the principles of government guidance, multi-channel financing, to encourage the operation of the market, and actively attract all kinds of social capital to participate in the construction and operation. Strengthen operational management, do a good job of land and station comprehensive development, and strive to improve the financial efficiency of the project.

four, the next phase of work

(a) step by step implementation, highlighting the focus. The implementation of priority to promote Beijing to ease capital function, promote the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei has an important role in the project, other projects in the planning of industrial layout adjustment, the population can be combined with the reasonable optimization of the construction plans of city group, timely start preparatory work.

(two) grasp the construction standards and programs. Combining the line condition, the passenger flow characteristic, the transportation service and so on, chooses the suitable construction standard. Engineering construction to economic, applicable to the principle of optimization of the construction scheme, as far as possible the laying of the ground or overhead, reasonable control of project cost. In the technical and economic conditions, as far as possible within the scope of the line planning and more than 100 thousand of the population of cities and towns.

(three) optimization of traffic integration program. Overall good coordination with the city rail transportation, railway, airport, railway and highway transportation hub building, aviation, city traffic in one of the new or expanded integrated passenger hub, transfer time between different traffic modes on the principle of not more than 10 minutes.

(four) to implement the funding scheme. Innovative investment and financing models to explore the diversification of investment channels. Further implement the project capital sources, refine the annual funding balance program, and put forward practical and feasible operation compensation scheme.

(five) attaches great importance to saving resources and protecting the environment. Intensive use of land, pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, improve energy efficiency, promote sustainable development.

(six) project audit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, the progress of the implementation of the planning and timely report to the commission.

national development and Reform Commission