To deceive the central inspectors! The coastline of Guangxi dug hundreds of sinkhole"

Hepu Guangxi sinkhole coastline

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2015 July 1st, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee presided over the fourteenth meeting of the leading group to deepen reform, considered and adopted the "environmental protection inspectors program (for Trial Implementation)". In January 4, 2016, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate and officially unveiled in 8 provinces and autonomous regions inspectors, inspectors have been released in mid November, the total number of responsibility was asked more than 2500 people, more than 100 people because of environmental pollution and ecological damage under criminal detention.

11 24, 2016, the second batch of the central environmental protection supervision work to start a comprehensive. What is the result of the inspector? Finance CCTV economic half-hour reporter conducted a survey according to the list of inspectors.

coastal mariculture ruins devastated large!

2016 in November 12th, the reporter used drones in Guangxi city of Beihai Hepu County Tieshan'gang of aerial photography.

where a tributary of red sand harbor aerial display, 7 giant pit, originally the Haitian beach tear open several hole. The giant pit one by one, each of the pit area has several football fields, some bare rock, some are filled with blue sea water, one pit next to the coast, is a large mangrove not far away. A visual

" is located in the village of the town of wave mansion near the sand on the ground, very eye-catching, full of water storage pit is a small reservoir. The pit edge to the bottom of the pit, near vertical, due to water irrigation, the reporter also can not measure the specific depth of the puddle.

" at the town gate flow near the village, not far from the highway roadbed, 3 contiguous pit appeared in the press the screen, and a distant the greater the mine has been deep into the sea.

" in the village of Xinping town gate, 5 huge clouds in the pit near the national special requirements to protect the mangroves on the beach, each pit area to thirty acres, has two less. In some mines, the excavator kept down deep, carrying the stone truck shuttle in these mines. Destruction of

" for a more comprehensive understanding of the coast suffered, the reporter through the satellite map wider were observed, found throughout the Hepu County Tieshan'gang along the densely arranged with dark grey or dark blue pit. Reporters rough on the map calculation, Tieshan'gang in satellite pictures of hundreds of square kilometers of the mine, the number of nearly a hundred, the original flat neat coastline and it was huge pit tear badly.

Cao Xihong is Hepu County Baisha Town village villagers before independence, has been on shrimp for a living. Reporters at the scene investigation, he told reporters that since his shrimp pond next to the quarry excavation, his shrimp pond began leaking.

Dushan Hepu County Baisha Town village villagers Cao Xihong: greatly small hundreds of holes, countless.

CCTV "economic half-hour" financial reporter learned that the geological conditions in Beihai area of Hepu county is a typical Karst landform, seemingly flat underground is dotted with large and small caves, and a lot of stones in underground distribution. When the quarry blasting time, will put these caves, stone shook more people on the beach in the shrimp pond is prone to vulnerabilities. The villagers took reporters to the quarry next to a shrimp pond, the reporter saw, this shrimp pond vulnerabilities at least a dozen.

" Dushan village villagers told reporters that these holes at least twenty meters, a quarry blasting, crabs will clean run down loopholes. Shrimp pond can not save water, the villagers can only let the two hundred or three hundred acres of shrimp pond abandoned. Hundreds of thousands of yuan income per year is cast to waste. Right now, the villagers are not only worried about the abandoned shrimp pond, they are more worried about the security risks of quarry.

digging stones formed a few tens of meters deep pit, now after quarry stoppage, sea water flowing into the pit into a large pond, and mine around but not what effective security measures. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_9" class= =''>


reporters on the scene saw the quarry, layun stone cart to and fro, not only is the quarry pit in the destruction of the environment, but also to the local quarry brought serious dust pollution. In the main street of Hepu County town gate on the bumpy road is pressed, stone pull cart, raised a lot of dust.

" in Guangxi city of Beihai Hepu County mining quarry on the coast near 20 quarries, mining procedures are complete? The reporter then found the Hepu County Land Resources Bureau, the relevant responsible person to provide a report on the town mansion of red sand quarry port land ownership survey report "to the reporter, which referred to" the mine land is the source of Lang Po Cun Wei Town Mansion in December 18, 1997 contracted to Hepu County Fu management industry limited company used "the words.

" but the Dushan villagers pulled out in 1997 in Hong Kong red sand land contracting contract, above clearly written, by the contracted land is used to engage in aquaculture reclamation, has now become a quarry in front of.

investigation reporter learned that the management of temporary land formalities in the land and Resources Bureau law enforcement brigade, on the issue of land nature and ownership must go through layers of Township Land and resources review, the township government, an aquaculture reclamation contract, eventually became a mining quarry, great changes have taken place in the nature of the use of sea areas, the land department is blind?

Hepu County Land Resources Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Chen Lin: the law enforcement unit in our county, it is touched southeast northwest, only the township level they know that their land, the township government should continue to check.

and in the village of Dushan, a more ridiculous thing appeared, a quarry named Tai Shing temporary land use certificate is the other adjacent to the village of proof.

mineral in Hepu County Land Resources Bureau, finance CCTV "economic half-hour" reporter to see the relevant formalities of red sand quarry of the port town of residence, Hong Kong red sand quarry temporary land use permits the registration of land area of 8.13 Mu, but the registration in the land sector, the mining right transfer contract, the mining area is 0.1496 square kilometers, equivalent to about 224 acres, with a place to land use before and after the actual file, covering an area of a difference of nearly 216 acres, which is of strict examination and approval or registration errors, the reporter can make nothing of it.

" but in the interview with reporters, the staff of red sand mining area in Hong Kong the authors told reporters the real situation.

Hong Kong red sand quarry weighing: this field had more than 1 thousand acres of land, two thousand acres of land, is a boss, but to their development, there are two field, three field.

Hepu County Land Bureau deputy chief cadastral unit, Chen Runan put the red sand quarry port location data collected in the field, and the coordinate data of temporary land use permits "has been compared, finally he pointed out to reporters, the red sand quarry for Hong Kong land temporary land use permits" only a small.

Hepu County Land Resources Bureau cadastral unit deputy chief Chen Runan : he was to do a temporary use permit, is just a piece of the other, he did not go through the formalities.

Hong Kong red sand quarry for "temporary land use permits", the land property is state-owned beach, large tracts of land are not for the rest of the temporary land use permits. Can be seen from above, the red sand stone harbor for temporary land use permits no land for the pond, which belongs to the village collective land only Baisha town.

this means that Hong Kong red sand quarry land clearance situation was not dealt with, hundreds of acres of land dug a pit, then as a regulatory bureau of land and resources did not play a supervisory role?

Hepu County Land Resources Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Chen Lin : because it relates to the coordinates of a point, we do not know these coordinates, which coordinates, it must have a professional instrument to test to know whether it has been beyond the scope of our law enforcement unit is not the major instrument. The mineral sector can measure.

Hepu County Land Department told reporters that in April 2015, Hepu county has a total of 23 quarry mining on the coast, caused great distress to the local people, the parties in the public opinion in the sound, Hepu County 23 quarries on the county's discontinued rectification, and shut down 3 quarry. However, the cut-off regulation only a few months and 20 quarries have continued to land production.

2016 in July, the central environmental protection inspectors group began 8 provinces, the first batch of environmental inspectors, Guangxi for the first batch of inspectors, the inspectors arrived in Guangxi after the inspectors, the quarry on all discontinued.

Hepu County Land Resources Bureau of mineral unit: Yao Fuzhao in July this year, after the central environmental inspectors come, we stopped again and again let them go to the rectification, until now.

central environmental protection inspectors group arrived in Hepu, Guangxi County, all closed down the quarry. But in November 11, 2016, the reporter investigating the process, Hepu county government to quarry the latest enterprise issued a report on the quarry to resume production of the letter, 7 companies agreed to return to work, then, Hepu County Land Resources Bureau immediately to the 7 quarry for the mining license.

Yao Fuzhao told reporters, in addition to the 7 companies had been allowed to resume production of the quarry, 13 quarry left there is no notice to resume production, is not mining quarry. In order to confirm the

Department said, the reporter to follow the Hepu County Environmental Protection Bureau visited at the town gate village, Kai Xinping 'two quarry, the two quarries are not in the list to resume production.

reporter: so far it has no mining license?

Hepu the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region County Environmental Protection Bureau Director Lai Quanchang: is, there is no mining license.

reporter: that is not allowed to produce it?

Hepu the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region County Environmental Protection Bureau Director Lai Quanchang: certainly not allowed.

accompanied by Hepu County Environmental Protection Bureau reporter visited the quarry, CSC, Kay two quarries are in a state of suspension, the road did not pull stone, stone truck.

" and on the day before, the reporter shot to the quarry, the two girls Cheng Kai no mining permit did not stop, on the way to a gravel field, pulling the stone and then a car truck.

" is not the same in the resumption of production list residence town red sand quarry in Hong Kong, also secretly production. There was silence during the day, but at 5 in the afternoon, the quarry and the rubble were busy.

" later, the reporter to follow the Hepu County Environmental Protection Bureau came to the town gate village two quarry investigation froude. The ship resumed production at the quarry step bucket list, place a temporary responsible person told the reporter that they have just been notified that the resumption of production before November 11th, they had no production.

ship step charge: ridge quarry shutdown for more than half a year.

Hepu County Environmental Monitoring brigade Deputy captain Ceng Hongguang: quarry in accordance with the original county which laid down by the land, sent a letter to the power supply company, and then the quarry should also have the construction, only recently energized. There is water, the water must be pumped, and then began construction.

environmental protection departments to monitor the staff is not the fact that it? This is the reporter in November 9th the ship step shot ridge quarry, we can see from the picture, the ship was not in fact a step ridge quarry dust raised suspension, punch clear, two excavators in the quarry face.

close to the ship step ridge in the Zhang Zhaocheng quarry, also can resume the production list. Hepu County in accordance with the requirements of the quarry rectification, the resumption of production of 7 are complete formalities, and the environmental protection measures in place, so that they can be allowed to resume production. But the reality is that this is not the quarry for temporary land use permits, mining procedures are not complete.

" half hour observation: to carry out the blue bay remediation action but also the people of a blue

from the law of the sea state, to Guangxi local laws and regulations, from the relevant regulations of land management, specific provisions to environmental protection, without any legal Guangxi Hepu County regulations allow the quarry, but is such serious violations of law, even in dozens of kilometers of coastline, in the local government under the nose, getting more stately.

and even more ridiculous is that the central environmental protection inspectors group, the government to help illegal enterprises to cover up the fact that illegal. After cheating the central inspectors, the government has issued a document required to start production of illegal enterprises. Even the reporter interviewed reported that the government is also arranged in advance, resort to deceit.

General Secretary Xi Jinping specially made in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, "to build a strong ecological security barrier, improve the natural forest protection system, to carry out the rectification action blue bay. "The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspection, is the embodiment of the central to the environmental problem of great concern and attention, exhorting, sincere efforts, we hope that the departments at all levels can keep in mind, take responsibility, this is a real governance that people need the green mountains and rivers. (source: CCTV finance "economic half-hour")

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