Mobile Games version of the implementation of the new regulations why difficult?

Mobile Games number the difficulties of mobile games

youxiputao· 2016-11-29 12:30:37

, published by the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television in the end of May 2016, "on the game publishing service management notice", the impact is still in the fermentation.

"notice" requirements from the beginning of July 1st, without the approval of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the hand travel products may not be on-line operations. To have approved the publication of the mobile game upgrade works and new information, as a new work, need to re examination and approval.

"notice" at the same time, as of October 1st has not yet handled the procedures of the game will not be allowed to continue to operate, has been extended until December 31st. As a result, Apple's Store App will be very likely to deal with these games, which will affect hundreds of thousands of games in china.

history of the most stringent provisions of the regulations on Mobile Games

, industry general evaluation is the history of the most serious, the scale and intensity even included rarely by hitherto unknown, regulatory policy of the apple App Store. Prior to the official implementation of the notice, the domestic hand travel developers have generally optimistic about the mood, that the amount of Apple's body, Store App may still maintain the status of detachment and not within the regulatory scope.

but before the formal implementation of the "notice" the number of days, App Store background has issued a circular that will strictly abide by the provisions of the "notice", the development of new mobile games should be submitted to the approval of the State Administration of press and publication. In addition, the game also added App Store to handle code.

and for the "notice", the vast majority of developers choose to comply with.

iOS of the domestic developers on-line product is required to complete a number of new products on the new, we also do, Android also need to fill out the "Mobile Games developers officials told the interface news," some Android channel reminders especially fierce, even we have an old morning line in Android, now often to handle. But because Android channels scattered, the implementation of the various efforts are also different. "

" notice "the implementation of another impact is that the policy to tighten the hand travel in the issue of the release and audit clearance, for research and development and content audit norms, improve the access threshold of the hand travel market.

Mobile Games into hundreds of thousands of "black"

a Mobile Games company official said on the interface of the news: "time and money costs resulting from the game are required to be borne by our own, a lot of pressure. "The small Mobile Games developers is more worrying is that hundreds of thousands of Mobile Games has shelves or because there is no approval, become" black".

if the fears come true, which has huge development and operation cost Mobile Games how where to go? This is the developers who are currently the most headaches.

for small and medium-sized game developers, the implementation of the "notice" means a very high development and operating costs. According to the new regulations on audit mechanism, Mobile Games must provide the on-line version, set up a special information page, marked game copyright, publishing service units, approval number, number of publications published by the State Administration of radio news approved, and in strict accordance with the approved content publishing operations, the cost of time and money are required by the game developers bear. And hand travel companies may be because the product has not been approved, was forced to play off the assembly line.

on the other hand, for large companies and relatively long product development cycle manufacturers, the impact is relatively limited. The person in charge of a company to the Shenzhen Mobile Games interface news said, because manufacturers are more willing to invest the time and money for product development, these costs can be digested in the whole life cycle of the game. While the long development cycle Mobile Games, because the application code time is adequate, no problem.

for the new regulations, the industry generally believe that the advantages and disadvantages are: tighten the approval to improve the industry threshold, and removed some junk game, by the temptation of promotion to profits of the model will not work, help to regulate the market. But the audit process cumbersome, a lot of short time the game on the line, the examination and approval can not keep up, will affect the game on the line and operation. The efficiency of

for approval Mobile Games manufacturers concerned, in September 19th the office of SARFT are "on the extended" on the mobile game publishing service management notice "time related work notice", reflected, in the notice mentioned, scheduled for October 1st this year approval retroactive deadline postponed to December 31st, that is the end of the year. As for why SARFT will be postponed, the reason given is "Internet mobile game publishing operations for the large number of games, publishing service units and related game companies with limited manpower. "Some developers choose

" Quxianjiuguo "

in the" cracks "in the process of moving part countermeasure is given on foreign manufacturers. "This is undoubtedly the most reliable and convenient. "There is a practitioner evaluation.

and "reliable" and "peace of mind" behind, but regulatory blind may involve Mobile Games regulations.

in App Store, some will be set into account abroad Mobile Games developers discovered that they did not received the relevant notification about Apple Mobile Games rules, so it can be considered that the only requirement for the domestic game developers. And developers who want to release the game to other parts of the Store App outside of China, will not be restricted, and vice versa. According to

news reporter found through the query interface, the majority of overseas developers in July 1st on the line after Mobile Games did not approved by the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, while in the latter the examination result, from July 1st to November 1st, examination and approval of imported online games section, through the examination of the Mobile Games only 33 product.

"this is possible with the current policy did not strictly enforce the relevant," a domestic game media official told the news "said before is the interface, October 1st, then postponed to December 31st, at present, whether inside or outside the game shelves should still not have to code. "

for this phenomenon, there is another interpretation of the industry. "Such a policy can not achieve the desired purpose and it is difficult to implement," a game company in Beijing, the relevant responsible person said, if you want to check the tour, the H5 games are also the same treatment? If you want, then how the trial? H5 game is a web page, and the content can be changed at any time. "

" client game is the same, and then even if the audit, we can still be downloaded to a variety of ways to. Online games not to let the server, the single? So there are still a lot of websites can be down to the foreign single game. "The person in charge continues to say.

developer's identity using foreign affiliated, domestic listed operating practices, manufacturers have called the last ditch "quxianjiuguo". After the implementation of new regulations compared to the queue waiting trial, through the "export to the domestic" way to avoid the audit, although the cost has increased, but also within the acceptable range,

is more worrying, the "notice" mobile game regulation policies ignored outside the game directly on the line in the domestic fact, did not make the corresponding provisions on the outside of the game, the difference between Chinese and foreign supervision, caused the unfair competition game makers. "Many overseas game manufacturers are doing for Chinese products, they earn money was gone, domestic manufacturers will be even more difficult to live. "

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