Amazing! HUAWEI OV and other next year's shipments target exposure

HUAWEI vivo oppo shipments

fenghuangkeji· 2016-11-29 13:59:35

2016, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo became the three giants of the domestic mobile phone shipments in the first three. 2016 is nearing completion, the three momentum is not less confident, has set a small goal in 2017".

today, IHS Technology Chinese research director Wang Yang king @Kevin's diary on micro-blog said again to suppliers extremely excited of the season, more than three mobile phone brands have been given the 2017 intelligent machine shipments target:

, HUAWEI to 170 million won, OPPO and vivo respectively to 1.6 units and 150 million units ranked second and third overall.

news exposure is worth mentioning is that in October 14th this year, HUAWEI Nova conference, HUAWEI announced first billion smart mobile phone in 2016 the official line, this year is set 140 million goals.

Gartner according to the latest sales statistics released the third quarter of the global smart mobile phone sales report, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo three Chinese mobile phone manufacturers sales have accounted for 21% of total global sales, but also an all rose.

Wang Yang said, in addition, the supplier resources are increasingly concentrated, the mobile phone manufacturers in advance to lock quality supplier resources, and a large amount of price is better. Inflation, raw material prices and the dollar, leading to further narrow the small mobile phone factory profit space, can only survive in the cracks.

Wang Yang said: "good product market is the best weapon to win", and said the "17 years of apple and Samsung products can be used to describe the amazing, looking forward to 17 years of domestic mobile phone have more impressive products. "

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