Dongyu Zhou with what technical pressure Fan Bingbing? Look at a few moments

Fan Bingbing Dongyu Zhou acting film

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Fan Bingbing was 25 years old when playing the "apple", off his shirt, too tired to death, but did not get half a prize. When 25 year old Dongyu Zhou played "in July and she" do not have to take off, not too tired, take a Golden Horse Award, put up a little after 85 long throw flowers.

" when most of the 85 small flowers in white sweet silly when intoxicated run shed blood flow, but also by Dongyu Zhou a year to play a few movie slowly acting is not easy.

" at the beginning, Dongyu Zhou's acting with Wei Minzhi belongs to a grade, in front of the camera by the timid fragrant earthy to go

" is also very difficult to shoot crying scene. Good training for a long time, if she did not cry out in front of the camera, often with a candid way to

" finished "the Hawthorn Tree", in addition to the top of a girl's ring head, who did not like her. With Dongyu Zhou as my nuozha school, is also the history of the most beautiful top candidates to grab the headlines. Class= img_box "

hawthorn, Dongyu Zhou has not taken any decent film works. 2011 "the allure of tears", Dongyu Zhou played a teenage cancer, is still the same with static autumn shy. When the camera is still in the hair feel shy "img_box"

2012 year "palace lock incense", a little bit of progress, facing the camera began to look natural, also can stretch smile

" and "my deskmate", Dongyu Zhou is a thorough grasp of the small fresh female movie. To play too reactive, wearing uniforms pure way, people can gradually accept her Yan

" but she is still not Hold other roles to play in their thirty Cougar, significantly less heat, even burn the hair look, still is a clever student

" fortunately met Hao Ning, Dongyu Zhou did not play the female students' routine. "Put" the heart flower road kill Matt, especially is especially true, idiotic, have no sense of violation. That a lot of viewers are watching the movie, and did not recognize her.

" and Huang Bo's "Zhou Dong the rain I envy you very now is so natural, you may be a few years the body naturally slowly slowly without. "Class= img_box"

" is also from the beginning of this drama, Dongyu Zhou began to slowly release really me, rebel factor ran out. With Huang Bo soared over the scene, followed by "youth class", she also like Honglei Sun can be a play. "

" in the junior class, Dongyu Zhou played a high cold genius girl looks serious in speech and manner Zhou lan. Great with the original "table of you" love the girl contrast.

" there is a scene with her teenage Wu did not go to the club and also his face with the high cold smoke, that contradictory character confused flashing, very delicate and vivid interpretation of "

" there's a scene where she was Mike hurt his self-esteem, huff cut his braid. Strong self-esteem makes her emotional restraint, but then there are hopes of a happy ending without happy beginning sorrow, Dongyu Zhou put this discretion well

the end of the movie, Zhou Lan Wu did not hold hands in the light running with back shot it is especially beautiful, Dongyu Zhou's face is full of young light and sad

" at the beginning of this year, the "rush of love", Dongyu Zhou's white eggplant, in fact, more or less with the shadow of life. In the film, she told Liyan Tong not to lily, but a pair of rival.

" the man she loves in a car accident, the heart transplant to the original white eggplant before dying, with complex mood to see the original, so there is a heartbeat play. Dongyu Zhou had a crazy and sincere girl played penetrating

"Ben love", Dongyu Zhou and Liyan Tong have several racing scenes in the movie, but Dongyu Zhou did not drive. At that time, the director said: "you just put the pedal is racing, Dongyu Zhou really kicked the throttle in the end, the heart is really big and wild

to" ice "hunt, Dongyu Zhou also with the winner Tony Leung to play. Two people play a strange father and daughter. One scene is Dongyu Zhou head a slanting, to Tony Leung shoulder a lean, extrusion: happy birthday. Between the eyes from transition to rebel girl daughter of the father's blessing and dependence, the daughter of the father, not the mouth is hidden in the heart of love was full of texture

"Sicily" drama romance lies a standard, Dongyu Zhou Lee Jun-ki played with a pair of lovers between yin and Yang in the show. Routine is very popular, Dongyu Zhou's several crying scene is very exciting, each one has a different emotional polish. The

tracing of panic and flawless

" when I look back at that person but in the lights dim completely ignorant

" news that when forced with

recalled in her boyfriend funeral sad, forbear and cotton long

" in the last memories gradually relieved, laugh with tears of

" the West lies " In the "crying hammer Lian, this will also be a later then will cry alone. Especially the last cry acting bursting: hospital let her sign in the July notice of death, she begins to smile, unwilling to accept, to bear the sad tears, progressive, coherent emotion.

, in fact, there is never an inherent acting aura of the actor, Maggie Cheung had also filmed countless films after the way to find my true.

"Dongyu Zhou acting when filming in July and still" apply, but to the "sparrow" became reality in the face, acting is not stable. Class= img_box "

so there is no other way, good actors are on time with the works of polished. Before the process, I hope everyone can release more movies, less. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_31" class= =''>


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