Glory: millet is not our opponent!


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Internet phone brand in the industry after the knockout, showing the value of.

days ago, the glorious President Zhao Ming said that the future of mobile phone competition depends on the comprehensive strength, if simply rely on marketing driven, can not maintain a lasting development.

channels and marketing are the means to compete or to return to the level of products and services. Especially in the design level, can not have a particularly obvious short board, must be balanced, and can rely on a number of special advantages to impress users. "

in the past eleven, from Tmall, the two Jingdong business platform of the published data, the domestic mobile phone brands occupy almost all kinds of the first" list ", glory, millet, Meizu chengzuidaiyingjie. Glory to get Jingdong, Android Tmall mobile phone sales champion, the total sales of over second, more than 100 million 2 billion 200 million. Among them, the flagship model of the glory of 8 yuan files on 2000-2999's mobile phone Jingdong sales list, 6X ranked 11 full glory play double platform Android mobile phone sales champion.

in addition to the rise in sales, glory after a few years of independent development, and HUAWEI's brand has become increasingly clear. In Zhao Ming's view, the Internet is the role of the brand through the Internet channel, eliminating the information asymmetry between it and consumers, to provide consumers with interactive, cognitive platform and channel, collecting the views of consumers, maximize do accurate matching product development and user demand. "We compared with HUAWEI, brand positioning will be more inclined to young, personality. "

Internet counterattack line

glory is one of the HUAWEI group under the brand, especially for young people, the main mode of Internet brand, founded less than three years, in 2015, the glory of annual sales revenue of about $6 billion, 74 in the world countries and regions had sold more than 40 million mobile phone.

in March last year, has been working at HUAWEI for 17 years, Zhao Ming from Western Europe business back to the glory of the brand as president. This period, the growth rate of the global smart phone slowed down, the demographic dividend is no longer under the stock market, each into the sea tactics.

in the industry view, the turning point of the Internet or the mobile phone will therefore come. Some have been flying in the Internet outlet of the mobile phone manufacturers, and began to become the next line mode followers.

however, in Zhao Ming's view, the Internet model still have a brilliant future, although this year everyone began to attach great importance to offline channels, but both online and offline, the first product is popular, a word of mouth. For example, glory, so now this degree, there will be a lot of offline agents or vendors take the initiative to talk to us, ask us to give them the supply.

therefore, he does not think the line channels on the Internet will cause the impact of mobile phone brands. "The configuration is high, the price is low, the service subsidy hardware routine does not completely summarize the Internet mobile phone, it is only one kind of marketing method. You can't take this as a brand's most fundamental thing, because the most important thing is still the product, we have to use products to communicate with the user, to listen to their feedback. "

in addition, Zhao Ming also specifically against the Internet mobile phone brand" at a loss "said:" a business always say that they do not make money, this is obviously not scientific unreasonable. If you take it as a slogan to marketing, to continue to circle this statement, the latter will be very tired. Some people think that the Internet mobile phone actually cannot do price and quality control at the same time, in fact, low-cost means crudely made. The quality of HUAWEI company, is to integrate into our genes. "

as of now, the glory has been in the middle of the road with the high-end line of the HUAWEI brand battle. Both clear, one side against the Samsung and apple, one side in the Internet model on the road to sniper millet.

but in the eyes of Zhao Ming, millet is clearly not the current competition. "We follow a completely different style of HUAWEI in terms of product design and planning. And our audience is very clear, do not go business model, the main young group (this is certainly not the same as the design language), and heritage of HUAWEI's quality line. "

quality control into competition

as a success by science and technology innovation company," HUAWEI "this brand seems to have become synonymous with quality. Such a large body of the company, how can not make mistakes, but also become a big test.

market research firm Strategy Analytics released the latest report shows that in the third quarter of this year, the global mobile phone profit ranking, Samsung fell out of the top five for the first time, apple still topped the list, while HUAWEI is the first to become the highest Android intelligent mobile phone manufacturers worldwide profit. It is worth noting that, Samsung ranked only ninth in the rankings, and after this, Samsung has long maintained the position of second of the world.

in this regard, Zhao Ming said that the HUAWEI company for the production of products, whether it is their own production line or suppliers, the pursuit of quality is very high, even small flaws, once found will affect the quality of mobile phone, also can get to stop production line.

because, for a long time engaged in the 2B business of Zhao Ming, the mobile phone and do business network is essentially the same, is not a problem. This can also explain why the release of 5X from the glory glory play last year after October, until the end of April this year released 5C, a window period of up to six months in the middle.

"whether I, or Yu Chengdong, or just what, we used to be in charge of the B2B business, but, after the end of the business, the ability to adapt is very strong, but also very fast. The most important reason is that we have reached a consensus on quality and service, no matter what you do business, what the company, which is not to relax. Especially network operators do not have any problems, we have to pay attention to the reliability of equipment, the core network equipment once out of the question, may affect thousands of people, or even hundreds of thousands of people.

he further added that some of the Internet phone manufacturers are facing difficulties, but this does not mean that this business model is a problem, he should look back to see what the status of their products.

" the glory of the long-distance road

at present, the glory of a variety of flagship machine and other main products NPS value (net user recommended value) has reached more than and 70, namely the user in the purchase of the mobile phone, recommend a friend to buy index and stop friends buy index two, subtraction became recommended value net.

from this numerical point of view, the glory of the entire mobile phone industry which can be tied with HUAWEI, apple first, this is Zhao Ming more than a year to hand over the most satisfactory transcripts. He also revealed to reporters his vision, although a cell phone may be a lot of people only one year, but the glory is in accordance with the three to five years of the use of the cycle to build. "This is a glory of the strategy, we still insist on doing long-distance runners, do not do the short-term. To do so to help you stand out, so that glory is distinguished from other brands, through constant accumulation, in the future to form a greater advantage.

it is learned that the glory of this year's core mission is six products, covering different price segments. 2000-3000 yuan for the flagship machine, in addition to the product line 1000-2000 yuan.

Zhao Ming believes that the process of penetration of the Internet into the 46 line of the city, and the popularity of the Chinese Internet process is complementary. "With the small city and even remote areas of information transparency and the gradual increase in the flow rate, the opportunity to honor more and more. "The overall strategy,

will enter the overseas market Zhao Ming said, although the glory has entered the 74 countries and regions, but the United States, Europe, Russia, India, Middle East, Malaysia, Japan, the incremental market or brand heights is glory in the overseas expansion of the core state. He expects the glory of mobile phone shipments this year will also have a substantial increase in overseas shipments. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_3" class= =''>


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