Overseas proud millet phone sales record breaking in India

Domestic millet phone India sales volume

cnBeta· 2016-11-29 20:14:24

OPPO and vivo due to a strong attack this year, both in the international market or in the domestic market, millet are showing a decline. Last year did not complete the sales target, this year, millet still seems to have no signs of warmer. According to a report by market research firm Counterpoint Research released by the third quarter of this year, OPPO and vivo both surpassed HUAWEI, China were to become the first and the second largest smartphone manufacturer, while millet ranked only fourth, the market share of 10.6%, the same period last year this figure was 14.6%.

near the end of the year, the introduction of a double curved millet millet Note 2 and comprehensive screen Mix, attracted a lot of people's attention. But return to sales, millet also faces from the test of capacity. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_0" class= =''>


India electricity company Flipkart released data show that the release of millet red rice and red rice 3S 3S version of the high in the local, has sold about 1000000 mobile phone in India. At the same time, millet India director Manu · he's also claimed that the company in the India market when a quarter of intelligent mobile phone sales over 2 million, an increase of 150%.

IDC data show that in July and August of this year, millet for two consecutive months to become the India electricity market first intelligent mobile phone brands; September accounted for 8.4% of the market share in the top thirty in India City, India has become the third largest manufacturer of intelligent mobile phone.

market in India, is still the dominant functional machine intelligent machines, a huge potential for development, to become the next incremental market of major mobile phone manufacturers coveted. As an earlier into the Bureau of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, millet with thousands of Yuan machine red rice series opened the market in India. For the current India mobile phone users, the black technology is not what they need, cheap, enough to be, millet is also aimed at the pain point. Class= img_box "

at the same time, millet can be among the top three in the India market, but also in its line of channels on the online supplement. It is understood that in September, millet take direct retail and increase the Commission to 12% models, Redington and Just Buy Live through distributors, Innocomm, StoreKing and YMS Mobitech, the success of millet mobile phone distribution to 8500 retail stores, to further enhance the coverage of millet mobile phone market in India and propaganda.

" in addition, millet has signed a contract with the India mobile phone manufacturer Foxconn, 75% is made by Southern India City factory, intermediate cost reduce and enhance the manufacturing capability.

in many aspects of the layout and in accordance with the actual situation in India to develop the strategy, so that millet can achieve the present results. Previously, Lei Jun also claimed that the company "in the next three to five years will be the market share of the first India".

however, although India has a huge market potential, but look to the global market, millet still sluggish growth. And, in the India market, due to the protection of the government, local brands still occupy most of the market share. For millet, after the channel layout, but also the need to upgrade their own patented technology.

HUAWEI next year sales target of 170 million, OPPO is 160 million, millet this year, just said to be happy, next year's target is unknown. Five years ago, millet phone mobile phone market opened a revolution, and now, where is the future of millet?

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