Yuan Lishan responds to micro-blog: a group of neurotic!

Micro-blog Yuan Li a group neuropathy

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-28 19:44:41

Yuanli micro Bo response and Zhao Baogang hand < subsequently, Yuanli and reissue a Hepburn and Monsieur de Givenchy friendship long micro Bo and said:" there is a friendship, called Givenchy and Hepburn, China has Yuanli and Zhao Baogang! "But not long after the micro-blog issue, Yuan Li will be two micro-blog deleted together. Replacement of a micro-blog: "a group of crazy, angry!

it is reported that director Zhao Baogang and his wife Ding has been married for more than 20 years, two people know, Zhao Baogang is a worker in Beijing steel mills, and Ding Guangxi,, then a troupe of actors. In July 2013, the media reported that Zhao Baogang at the birthday party, also kneeling down to his wife toast, full of love. < / P > < p > Yuanli / > is in July 2011 and after 80 foreign boyfriend Blaine Grunewald met, in the understanding of the more than four months after they will flash marriage. However, last year, Yuan Liceng appeared in the "Venus show", revealed that her marriage life is not ideal.

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