Iran special forces out of AK with Chinese CQ

AK-47 Iran special forces rifle

micaihujunshi· 2016-11-29 22:53:19

a unique rifle made in China, appears in the recent Iran army public display activities.

surprisingly, it was unexpectedly with the U.S. Army's latest equipment advanced rifle has 90% of the similar! And, it drove out the Iran special forces of the AK-47, has become the main force of these rifles.

many readers will ask questions: AK-47 is not the most reliable and durable it? Why was the Chinese rifle out of it?

" in Iran's elite special forces within the show, this resembles the American M16 M4 rifle, carbine rifle Chinese has become the focus of attention. Iran, in particular, the Chinese army will be a considerable improvement of the Chinese rifle, a large number of accessories to add and new paint to become extremely tall on". This rifle, from the northern industrial Chinese fortifications (Norinco) of the CQ Rifle / carbine family.

why China's CQ rifle to replace the Iran special forces of the AK-47?

first of all, it is Iran's own production of the rifle family.

since 2001, the Iran defense industry organization DIO weapons industry group fortifications (AIG) began to imitate the China CQ and American M16 rifle family Chinese imitation derived from Iran imitation. Iran imitation gun type called "Sayyed" 5.56 mm gun family, the use of domestic production rifle obviously has many advantages. A few years later, the family started a small equipment of the Iran army, then "Sayyed" gun family instead of the vast majority of Iran special forces in the AK rifle family. Class= img_box "

next, based on the M16 technology of the United States CQ rifle performance is better than AK-47.

for many people, the pros and cons of the AK-47 and M16 rifles to compare the problem, remain in the "AK-47 than M16" level of reliability. This is because multimedia articles only mentioned that, without further comparative analysis of AK-47 and M16 of the true picture:

M16, a reliability problem mainly occurred in the initial prototype equipment, improved design in the U.S. launch M16A1 improved, and improved maintenance troops operating procedures, and had no the reliability problem significantly;

two, AK-47 precision rifle bursts range, due to its action in bursts when crashing the casing, thus shaking violently. The gun to the side of the top and bursts tend to severe beating, causing serious deviation from the target when the bullet bursts. Kalashnikov led the team also did not really solve the problem on the AK-74, just by using a small shock of small caliber ammunition, complex muzzle correction device to ease the problem. The improved method of China type 81 rifle by extending the casing, can alleviate this problem, obtained very good accuracy bursts. While the M16 rifle has a gas blowing type principle, straight butt, excellent man-machine engineering design of shoulder posture, small caliber is very conducive to ensure the accuracy of fire design, from the start with completely overwhelm AK-47 bursts of precision, burst also has prominent advantage.

for the special forces, shooting accuracy, especially burst precision is very important. So in M16 to solve the reliability problem, a large number of special forces in western countries are turning to the use of M16 or M4 carbine Rifle / short rifle, which includes the development of the FAMAS bullpup rifle in france. Iran special forces are also clearly according to the development trend, abandoned the outdated AK-47, to use their own "Sayyed" gun family. Class= "img_box" id= "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" three, M16 family expansion, the transformation potential is excellent, AK-47 can not be compared with the. Fender, M16 unique design box, butt machine, makes it very easy to modify the design of the new components, such as supporting wood, put the part into almost the whole barrel long leather rail, can bring M16 almost endless installation, modification of various accessories and equipment capacity. And AK-47 in the modification of very much, almost can only rely on complex, large wrapped external attachment of the fixed parts, to provide a very limited installation, modification. This is also a lot of soldiers, especially the special forces like the use of M16, it can be very convenient to install a variety of significant improvements in combat effectiveness of the equipment.

"Sayyed" gun family, or its sources of technology China CQ family, M16 / M4 and the United States in the appearance of the biggest difference is that small grip. China CQ family uses a small arc handle, a significant difference between the linear shape of American products. There is also the difference between the original stock, but because of Iran's special forces carried out many modifications, the butt of appearance has undergone further changes.

Iran special forces of "Sayyed" gun family of the latest modification, including digital desert camo. Compared with the traditional black painting of CQ and M16 gun family, the new coating makes these rifles better and the typical background of Iran combat environment is fused together. Although Iran itself has a relatively rich landscape, but the special forces of Iran is currently the main battlefield in the deserts of Iraq and Syria, desert and desert area, so the digital camouflage is indeed a good choice. Processing method of this new coating is very advanced, using water transfer (Water transfer printing) technology, through the action of water will print pattern, transfer to the surface of almost any shape, therefore able to transfer the desert Digital Camouflage very quick to rifle on complex parts.

Iran special forces also increased the amount of leather accessories and rail equipment, installed in the skin on a variety of rail grip, sight, tripod and other equipment, to replace the original CQ rifle handle etc.. The use of the new folding machine aiming device can be matched with a photoelectric aiming mirror.

" in the photos, most parts and equipment from Western arms enterprises, should be purchased from commercial sources and. Class= img_box "

Iran this gun tribe retains the Chinese CQ gun family unique digital coding.

" let us go back to the Chinese CQ family, the first type is the standard rifle length of imitation M16A1, the appearance is similar with M16A1, different grip, butt details on. This family first appeared in the 1980s foreign sales of promotional materials. Subsequently, the CQ family appeared in a number of different gun type, especially the imitation M4 carbine (short rifle) model with the original standard rifle length difference.

China CQ rifle family has been exported to Sultan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other countries, but also a large number of exports to the United States and other countries of the civil market. At present, the main models of the CQ family, including the 311, 311-1, 311-2, 311-3, CQ-A, etc.. The Iran special forces show a rich CQ rifle retrofit proved, Chinese made CQ rifles after 30 years of development, still has a strong market competitiveness, is a foreign trade products in the international market quite a lot of rifle.

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