Two little guy with a barbecue fire heating poisoning were not over 20 years old

Barbecue guy fire carbon monoxide poisoning vital signs

huashangbao· 2016-11-30 09:15:46

(original title: Lantian boys with grill fire heating poisoning is less than 20 years old)

for heating, less than two of a 20 year old guy with grill up charcoal, the result of accidents, were killed, the police preliminary judgment for carbon monoxide poisoning. It is reported that

, the two boys are Lantian County, a 18 year old and a 16 year old, a hotel near Xi'an Beijiao wells village to work, live in Wells Village Lane houses a 5 storey courtyard, four or five layers are mostly living colleagues. The 28 day morning at about 6:30 on the night shift colleagues back, a call is not open, only to find two people out of trouble. Witnesses said the incident room of about 10 square meters, the door closed after the accident to the doors and windows are closed, the room stood a barbecue stove, oven door charcoal also flashing light, two bed has no signs of life. According to the Public Security Bureau police station investigation Ba Xin Jiamiao, two abnormal death, to determine the initial cause of death for carbon monoxide poisoning. It is understood that since November, Xi'an City, the 120 emergency dispatch command center received a gas poisoning alarm telephone has more than 50 cases.

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