Fake Leadership: buy me an envelope! Girl: you first send a red envelope!

Envelope girl police network

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"to come to my office tomorrow! "If the" leadership "to office telephone interviews, you dare not to go? Would you dare not to buy an envelope for you to buy? Shenyang girl Xiao Li not only brave enough to say "no", but also a "leadership" a. It turned out that the so-called "leadership" in the phone, is a liar, go, bought, I do not fall for it! "Li said," he moves, I'd like to see them removed, he also don't know how to lie?

Li told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, on Sunday night she was dating friends, somehow received a 170 at the beginning of the phone. "One by one, the other side with a very serious tone called my name, so I went to his office in his office on Monday morning. "Li said," when he called my name at the beginning, the southern accent is very heavy, our manager is just south, I really think it is him! As a result, let me go to the office, I was a little alert. "

" my first mobile phone microphone to voice deliberately friction, get noisy, farewell around you friends pretending to be police aside to talk. "Li said," I heard a liar there is movement, fear, and then did not finish the phone in a hurry to hang up the phone. "

Li told reporters that she was very curious about exactly what will next cheat them so about more than and 10 minutes later, she called back to the phone.

Mike: "who are you?"

liar: I am your manager, my voice you can not hear, but also do not want to do! "

Xiao Li:" Oh, the manager, how do you change the number?

liar: Yes, this is another cell phone number, you save it.

Li: "manager, you call me so late, are you at home?" What do you want to find me?

liar: "not at home, where, at 9 am tomorrow morning to my office, I have something to find you, take you to bring the things ah!

Xiao Li: "you have several offices, where do I go?" On the line with the pen? "

liar:" the office it used to go, so much! Let's sleep on it! "

liar apparently some questioning Li tone unable to resist sustain the blows, impatiently again to hang up the call mike.

second days, Mike wanted to see the liar gourd how to sell what medicine ", about 9 o'clock in the morning to" manager "and make a telephone call, but she did not appear in the" manager "in the office.

Mike: "the manager, I got to your office. Where are you?" "

liar:" Oh, you have to go? I went out to meet two leaders. "

Xiao Li:" is not you let me come, how did you go out? Do not speak of credit!

liar: "you wait a while, go out and buy me an envelope.".

Li: "ah, the manager, who knows to see you have to bring money, ah, I have no money, or you can send me a red envelope WeChat! You have my micro signal, a few days ago we also chat to it! "

liar:" well, I don't say it first.

Xiao Li told reporters that a mention of WeChat red money to turn things around the phone, she can listen to a liar is very embarrassing, half a day to pick up words, can only "ah, ah" answer, look for the opportunity to rush to hang up the phone. "He looks like a leader, but more like, it is Its loopholes appeared one after another. ah. A lot of people cheated, I think it is because of fear of leadership and be taken. Li said.

was a liar lied, almost cheated money

this is not the first time such a call received a call! "Xiao Li told reporters that last year she received a" liar "leader called to the office phone, the same tone of deception, she almost fooled.

"I really thought it was leadership, to reverent and respectful calls several times, almost second days to go to the office, which occurred when the office door bearing no door, the other said in the parlor, let me bring 20 thousand yuan gifts to the past, the leadership of the account, the company is public money, let me stay good transfer voucher. "Li said," I was not so much money, borrow from friends, or friends to help me see through the fraud scam! Now I learn from and also let crooks feel being messed with.

weapon: the phone get money, is actually a liar

, posing as the leading telecommunications fraud, which belongs to the "guess who" old scam upgrade edition, the victim was mistaken for the unit leadership and the heart afraid of heart, to "clear the relationship between the need to advance funds", "red envelopes" gifts and other excuses to lure victims remittance. General liar not convenient to meet, be sure to import the specified account. To guard against such fraud, one is to protect their personal information, the two is to identify the source of the phone, in particular, to the leadership of the information to check. No matter how crooks around, will eventually withdraw money, so long as the thing on the phone for remittance, basically is fraud.

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