"Game machine utility technology," the 407 phase of the listing in December 1st! Wizard Po can dream raiders! Have a prize to guess the cover!

Cover Raiders listing Lingbao

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game "practical technology" Tot.407

12 1 national listed

full-color 120 page text, 16 high-definition video disc

price: 16 yuan

online shopping address: UCG official Taobao store | UCG micro shop

UCG 407 aspect full, you have no reason to miss!

UCG was invited to a foreign game company headquarters, field trial of 2017 super large, a report with the creative writing image included detailed interviews. Due to the requirements of the game company, we can not disclose the name of the game before the magazine listed, so the magazine's cover, directory, the disk needs to be released in December 1st. You can guess in the comments, what is this game, we will guess from the top 3 game player in an electronic magazine gift 407.

waiting for ten years of the "FF15" was finally released, this time for everybody to offer a complete guide and evaluation on the game, to help you quickly realize their dreams!

"demon treasure can dream the sun / Moon" eye-catching, 19 pages of large space Raiders yoursatisfactionisguaranteed! The "2", and "watchdog", "Murder 2 COD heavy plate", "modern warfare" as the AI content raiders.

with Pro PS4 launch, UCG carefully launched HDR 4K TV to buy all the popularity of lectures, to help everyone to enter the new horizons!

" when ten years of the arrival of the final fantasy -- a review of "Final Fantasy 15" ten years of changes in the course of

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"Final Fantasy 15" Complete Guide to customs clearance on

"elf treasure can dream the sun / Moon", detailed system + process + class= clearance Raiders elements of

" the other "from Raiders; 2"

really opens a different field of vision -- 4K HDR to buy the TV all popular, is not online dry cargo!

"to make high evaluation guide

"made the game AI" platinum Raiders

the book

gifts: don't a finger
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