Flowers so female man must be Deng Chao Sun Li biological

Female man Sun Li Deng Chao floret

juziyule· 2016-04-28 19:47:17

< p > before two days of Deng Chao sent a floret sister skateboard Video: < tic ah ~ tic ah ~ tic ah & hellip; & hellip;

(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Orange is not really a prince to laugh at her!

but the day before yesterday, floret sister out revenge:

the same hairstyle, the same jacket, the same pink small skateboards … … the only difference is that now the flowers not only slipped very steady, also learn a single leg slipped ↓

see the legs Alice, is really the body exudes a female man breath. ~

actually this point had been when the mother Sun Li found, after all, a year ago, she witnessed the daughter of shredded "cockroaches" picture ↓

is difficult for small, less than two years old, they shoulder the responsibility to protect a family of four & hellip; …

on She was entrusted with the task of Deng Chao is her father, he also deliberately sent a pair of adult daughter boxing gloves ↓

, but in fact, from boxing is still very necessary, it can bring the father "discipline" a lesson of ↓

was after the father sent the ugly photos but also on his "cuff and kick" meal &darr

not only action so flower sister, female man, life is quite simply do not eat not to stick at trifles:

spoon directly to the bowl face to eat, and that eating ↓

watercolor pen can be used as nail polish painted ↓

hair is never neatly combed, or fried, or two of the rules of the" small "&darr

… … who let flowers with such parents are ↓

"the last monarch has orange can't wait to watch see the flowers of the face as ~

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