Crazy guess of the insurance funds? November mad scan 175 companies,


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) in the capital market, the most striking of non venture capital is, in the A stock market frequently placards listed companies shows a strong family property insurance capital. In addition to

are placards listed companies, the future of which the subject will become a potential "prey" venture capital? Maybe we can from the research target their at one or two. Oriental Wealth Choice data show that in November 1st ~25 day period a total of 175 listed companies were funded insurance research, which has 25 is to get together and research. In addition, volcano wealth (micro signal: huoshan5188) after carding found that the market concern research path with the highest degree of treasure can, Hengda and Ampang lines also surfaced.

"source: Oriental IC

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venture capital still has a large opening space

11 on Sept. 25, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) held" 2016 Chinese fund industry forum, huitianfu fund deputy general manager Yuan Jianjun for the recent venture capital placards to hot talk, because venture capital premium increases gradually, in the background of the interest rate down traditional product yields downward, to increase investment in equity market. At present, the venture capital placards may also just warm-up, future will be more venture capital placards.

indeed, placards insurance funds has become a major feature of the stock market this year, especially in the second half of this year. GF Securities statistics show that since the three quarter of this year, the scale of venture capital placards again expanded obviously. As of now, the second half of this year, the scale of venture capital placards accumulated more than 31 billion yuan.

however, volcano wealth reporter noted that, although the venture capital placards, equity asset positions are increasing gradually, but there is still a large opening space. According to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission disclosure of data, as of the end of the three quarter, the total assets of the insurance company amounted to 14 trillion and 630 billion yuan, while the stock and securities investment funds (equity assets) is only 1 trillion and 820 billion yuan, accounting for 14.25%. However, according to China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the insurance company investment equity ratio cap for the end of the last quarter of the total assets of 30%.

GF Securities Research Report believes that the end of the three quarter of 14 trillion and 600 billion venture capital assets, equity asset allocation ratio is only 14.25%, far below the upper limit of 30%, if the equity asset allocation ratio rose to 20%, is expected to bring incremental funding of nearly 840 billion yuan.

venture capital Department of three shares of

"source: Oriental IC

venture capital on the side to buy buy buy at the same time, in fact, in the side also choose to choose. Volcanic fortune reporter according to Eastern wealth Choice data collation found that between November 1st to 25, a total of 175 listed companies were subject to insurance (insurance companies, insurance funds, insurance funds) research.

insurance company, Ping An Life Insurance, pension, China China peace and Cheonan property four Home Furnishing, both the research of listed companies more than 10; followed by Qianhai life insurance, life insurance and other financial life, Soochow 7 venture capital were also investigated more than 5 listed companies, and a high degree of concern Hengda life only the investigation of the 3 listed companies. In addition, QFII insurance company had thoroughly A shares of listed companies, such as Fubon Life Insurance, life insurance and other three companies especially Barney, Fubon Life, a total of 9 research, including BYD and Liyadejun surveyed two times.

insurance information management company, the life insurance asset and research the number as high as 25, followed by the people's insurance assets and union assets, average 15. However, in November only the investigation of the 3 listed companies due to the recent two placards China building popular Ampang assets.

insurance company, the China life insurance security fund research most, up to 16. The market has been the Department of insurance fund raised products have 3, in addition to the outside, and Ping An UOB fund and the fund, and the number is also a lot of research, there are 11 and 9 respectively. The insurance agency

so much, most market investors are still concerned about the treasure can, Hengda department and the Ampang line. Among the three, the Department of treasure to Qianhai life "attendance" the highest during the November 1st -25 survey of 9 listed companies in the pharmaceutical industry, at most, up to 4, followed by the TMT industry; the Ampang line (Ampang insurance and Ampang assets) total of 4 companies in the survey, the majority of the TMT industry (Department of life and Hengda Hengda; Hengda Finance) survey of 5 companies, the industry distribution is more dispersed, but the survey average stocks rose three in the first. On the whole, the three major systems in the small and medium-sized companies in the research, which also shows that growth firms is more concerned about the three lines.

venture capital get together a survey of 25 companies in the

research is only front-end investment decision-making link, can not fully reflect the mechanism of the last real investment map, but also reflects the investment mentality and preferences to a certain extent, especially to get together and study more convincing, so is the risk capital.

volcano wealth reporter combing through discovery, in the period from November 1st to 25, there are 25 listed companies by 3 and the venture capital research institutions, including Wanda cinema venture capital get together the most concentrated, as many as 16, including the Qianhai life insurance, Ampang assets, financial life and some other brand for large. The second is SinoWealth, sunway communication and Wentz shares, each subject to research the 7 venture capital institutions, while Yiling pharmaceutical, tricyclic group and Riyadh also have 5 venture capital institutions to research. However, caused the attention of reporters, 2 st by venture capital research, respectively *ST bridge and *ST gas, and *ST to bridge the first three quarters of net profit of 17 million 410 thousand yuan, is expected to uncap.

general view, these are together and research of listed companies most of the electronic industry, a total of 6, in addition to pharmaceutical biology, media, household appliances, machinery and equipment and other industries. Rose, Tanaka Seiki (24.35%), new technology (17.06%), Angang Steel (13.69%) and A (12.55%) in the BOE, rose more than 10%. Class=

" content_img_p the vast sea, these are the subject of risk investment research will be its "good heart"? According to the analysis of GF Securities has placards listed companies, industry characteristics, real estate, finance, food and beverage preferences such as the traditional plate; ownership characteristics, such as shareholder dispersion, high dividend (more than 40%), the secondary market value (50-500 million), financial characteristics, the abundant cash flow (operating cash the flow of income more than 10%), high ROE (more than 8%), underestimate the value of (6 times).

volcano fortune reporter according to the above indicators, a rough screening since November since the listed companies in the research on the risk of insurance funds have 31 basic indicators in line with the options.

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Crazy guess of the insurance funds? November mad scan 175 companies,