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Hunting Anguilla marmorata the king of fish farms

yangshixinwen· 2016-11-30 15:40:05

of Anguilla marmorata "fish king" diving enthusiasts hunting

was located in the town of Guangxi Wanhu Ling Nanning city Wuming District Gong, because here the water is clear, in recent years has attracted many diving enthusiasts. In the eyes of a diving enthusiasts, looks like a big fish Anguilla marmorata with them live together in peace together for many years the lake, was affectionately known as the "king of fish". But just recently, the fish king was killed in the spread of photos on the internet. After receiving the message, Guangxi Agricultural Bureau of Wuming District of Nanning city fishery department immediately involved in the investigation.

recently, the net transfer of the lake, "the king of fish" is being hunted, the hunter is diving enthusiasts deng. In November 20th, a line of 5 people came to Deng Ling Wanhu diving. For the convenience of fishing, he also brought fishgig tools. Catch fish, the fish will Dengmou et al home food, and their photos were sent to the Internet users found and forwarded by a large number of.

news release said "this fish is two national animal protection is the spirit of Anguilla marmorata, Wan hole (Ling Wandong) in the" king of fish ", here the divers almost seen". After the incident, Guangxi Agricultural Bureau of Wuming District of Nanning city fishery department immediately involved in the investigation, and the diver's identity and hunting behavior were investigated to confirm. By the experts, the fish is Anguilla marmorata was arrested.

expert: hunted wild

of Anguilla marmorata is not in recent years, due to the wild population is shrinking, wild flower eel has been listed as the two national animal protection. It is understood, according to the relevant provisions of the current "People's Republic of China wild animal protection law" in the legal application, as long as you can tame the license, domestication and breeding of national key protected wild animal, Anguilla marmorata is also included. So, whether it is diving enthusiasts hunted "flower eel is wild?

according to the Nanning city Wuming District Agricultural Bureau of fishery chief Zhang Xinwen introduced, at a distance of about 300 meters Wanhu Ling where there is a farm. The person in charge said that after the incident, they also accepted the relevant departments to ask.

farm official Zhang Duanqiang: in the evening, autonomous to the region aquaculture sector call, which is not where you spend the eel run out, I said it was running out from me.

: how can you be sure?

farm official Zhang Duanqiang: because I often see here, when it rains (Hua Manli) will jump up, jump on the ridge, often found.

, the reporter saw, close to the side of Anguilla marmorata ponds next to a canal, a distance of about 2-3 meters.

farm responsible person pointed out that the fish ponds and ponds. Farm official Zhang Duanqiang: usually don't notice, fill the water (ponds) (Anguilla marmorata) to the side hole, and then jump out from here. This hole is also connected with the night (Lake).

according to nearby villagers, before the farm built in the late, they never found Ling lake of Anguilla marmorata.

to find out, the reporter to follow the professional qualification with scuba divers enter the Wanhu Ling and the underground cave, after hours of searching, has found no other flower eel figure. Then, the hunted the flower eel in the end there may be wild?

Guangxi Academy of Fishery Sciences engineer Shi Jun: we are in this position is not likely to reach the flower eel. Here is the Yujiang River, river to this location has 7 to 8 hydropower station, almost cut off from the migration of Anguilla marmorata. There may be no wild flower eel population.

expert: random killing animal behavior cannot be allowed

after the investigation, diving enthusiasts Deng hunted the eel is not a wild flower. So, whether or not he will be punished?

after the incident, diving enthusiasts Dengmou and photos of another diving enthusiasts take the initiative to the local fishery sector survey. In November 26th, Guangxi Agriculture Bureau of Wuming District of Nanning city issued a "killing of Anguilla marmorata incident investigation and handling results, they hunt on Anguilla marmorata diving enthusiasts Deng gave serious criticism and education.

the diving enthusiasts Deng: through this thing, deeply understand that, as a diving enthusiasts, regardless of where you go diving, should be to protect the local environment, protect the local ecology, and should not be free to kill the animal. This time the lesson is very profound, he also recognized his own mistakes.

legal experts, although Deng's behavior does not violate the law, but its random hunting behavior of animals should not be, can not be laissez faire.

in fact, whether the fish is not the wild animal protection, it is free to live in the lake, is a part of the ecological environment, we should protect the environment, to achieve harmony between man and nature. After all, the protection of the ecological environment, is to protect our own.

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