The length of the baby eczema, how to add complementary to anti allergy?

Baby allergies food supplement length

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baby eczema is a chronic allergic skin disease and pediatric outpatient department of dermatology are very common, there is a certain relationship between disease and diet. In a large amount of outpatient hospital, doctors often do not have enough time to inform the parents of children with daily care matters, may be glossed over and said: in the egg, milk, do not eat seafood, breastfeeding, women have to diet. If you look at traditional Chinese medicine, there may be more taboo. So parents are full of worries when adding food to the children, the children did not dare to act rashly, to obtain sufficient nutrition channel becomes less, not good not finally eczema, but there are a lot of children raised and stunted, emaciation with sallow complexion, The loss outweighs the gain.

baby eczema with diet how

should first clear the baby eczema eczema and adults are not the same, adult eczema more with immune dysfunction, and infant eczema as atopic dermatitis (atopic dermatitis, AD) a special type, with more genetic correlation, on this basis, the influence of environmental factors on the condition and way of life. in the diagnosis, the diagnostic standard of AD following]:

will [1 options: atopic disease 3:1. dermatitis, 2 flexor flexor side or facial eczema, skin itching 3 other systems

5 (history of asthma or allergic rhinitis), dry skin, 5 4 history two years before the onset of

lesions in the flexor side is a a diagnosis, but after diagnosis we must admit: with genetic diseases we usually have no way to cure, move in maize are universally condemned, who dare to move human genes? In this case, we can only try to reduce the incidence, to avoid contact with allergens is very important.

eggs, milk and seafood are high protein foods, high protein food is indeed an important risk factors to induce allergic diseases. Suffering from allergic skin disease in the population, a considerable part can not completely decompose protein to amino acids, but only to the decomposition of peptone, is absorbed into the blood, thereby inducing an allergic. Therefore, in the plan to give the child weaning, it should be the choice of partial hydrolyzed protein formula or the depth of the formula (eHF) to replace, because these have been shown to have a certain clinical effect on AD. I personally prefer from the partially hydrolyzed protein began to try, because eHF is terrible, children do not accept, this is reality.

of infantile eczema how to add solid food

protein is the source of nutrition is essential for children's growing up, a pole killing high protein diet, the growth is extremely unfavorable, but may be not necessary.

different people are allergic to something, can be different. people don't eat seafood allergy to egg allergy, beer allergic person maybe summer can eat mango do not worry about lip edema. Just because someone is allergic, you will have food, basically children and you may have to starve to death.

the right approach is to find out what's in the end about what's on your diet, only to avoid this particular food. You can find a small book, a week to add a food supplement, and record the child after eating: with or without cause, AD. If the children soon appear clinical symptoms, women and children have to avoid this particular food protein. When

AD is the incidence of possible original food allergies, allergic also increased during the course of the disease, this may require comprehensive diet and high protein diet. If the clinical symptoms of the children are completely improved or disappeared during the meal, the mother can resume a kind of food that has been avoided every week. If there is no longer any clinical symptoms, you will find a source of nutrients for your child, which can stop the avoidance of this particular food.

in addition, the same person at different stages, the reaction of the allergen will change . The infant digestive enzyme was born is not perfect, there are difficulties of protein absorption, but with the increase of age, may originally cannot decompose, he can grow up after some decomposition and absorption, and no allergic reaction. We just need to do is to delay the addition of high food sensitization time, help children survive this stage.

2008, the American Academy of pediatrics on atopic disease early diet intervention has the following recommendations [2]:

pure breastfeeding should be more than 4 months, compared with ordinary milk fed infants can reduce the birth in the first 2 years in atopic dermatitis and milk allergies. To be unable to achieve the pure breast feeding, should choose the hydrolyzed protein milk powder.

is recommended for highly sensitive foods, such as fish, eggs, and peanuts. But there is no strong evidence that the delay in the occurrence of other solid food at 4 to 6 months ago has a protective effect on the occurrence of atopic disease. Other non allergic food can add high normal.

daily care also need to pay attention to the risk factors is not only what the

high protein diet, in addition to:

air allergen (dust mites, pollen, animal hair and other factors)

destruction of skin barrier (scratching, wash, sweat. Clean and excessive etc.)

psychological factors (tension, anxiety)

visible, high protein diet is an important cause of AD, but only one is not all. also has a lot of child eczema relapse, in fact, the reason is not in the diet, but in life care for the infant, infant, sweat and retting of unsolicited Chinese herbal medicine is relatively common wash nursing mistakes. If the parents of these have no comprehensive understanding, only limited supplementary food may not be able to control the disease very well, but there is a risk of malnutrition caused by children.


[1] Williams HC, Burney PG, Hay RJ, et a1.The U.K.Working Party S Diagnostic Criteria for Atopie "Dermatitis.L Derivation of aminimum set of discriminators for atopic dermatitis.Br J Dmatol. 1994. 131 (3):383-396.

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