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recently, the TCL communication personnel mobilization of the rumors have been circulating on the network. November 30th, according to the news coverage of the interface, the news has finally been confirmed by the company insiders. TCL communications may include marketing, operations and sales, including the Department of layoffs, up to 100 people will be involved.

according to relevant sources, TCL communications will be located in Beijing, China marketing center moved to Shenzhen, in the overall framework will do some contraction and optimization. In theory, Shenzhen will receive the staff from Beijing, but because many people do not want to replace the city, so in fact, equivalent to cut off the entire Beijing marketing department".

previously, there are rumors that TCL communications chief operating officer and Yang Zhe, President of China has been "overhead", its work temporarily by the TCL Communications China Marketing Executive Vice President Huang Wanquan to take over. But the person in charge of providing news denied this, said Yang zhe present position remains unchanged.

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network communications industry) as of press time, TCL communication has not issued an official response to layoffs. TCL according to

communications in the first half of 2016 reported that the first half of the company's turnover of 10 billion 900 million Hong Kong dollars, down 17% in the first half net profit of 11 million Hong Kong dollars, down 98%.

and the regional distribution of the company's revenue, the overseas market is the main battlefield of TCL communications. North America, Latin America and Europe contributed more than 80% of the company's revenue, while the "base camp" Chinese area is the main area in the bottom of the rankings in the.

mobile phone business has been the main business of TCL communications. At present, TCL communications owns Al Carter (Alcatel) and TCL two mobile phone brand, Al Carter main overseas, while TCL is stationed in China camp". Class= img_box "

as a former European mobile phone brand, Al Carter sales in overseas has been stable. According to IDC and TCL communications statistics, in the second quarter of 2016, sales of TCL communications in North America reached 7 million 100 thousand units, behind apple, Samsung and LG.

but as the domestic mobile phone market "veteran", TCL in recent years in the domestic market but did not show "revival" attitude. It is reported that more than a dozen years ago, TCL mobile phone sales reached 9 billion 450 million yuan, has contributed more than 80% of the TCL group profits. But, now the TCL mobile phone is a little depressed by dog. ". TCL according to

communications reported that in the first half of 2016, the company's mobile phone and other products with a total sales of 33 million 100 thousand units, down 2%. Including mobile phones and smart terminals, including the average price of the product from the first half of 2015 fell $50.7 to $42.6. In the domestic smart phone sales list, TCL has long been HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo and millet far behind.

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TCL Group Chairman Li Dongsheng said in June this year, the new conference China communication area:

2002 TCL mobile phone Chinese ranked first. Over the past 10 years, the first to get mobile phone license 13 Chinese enterprise, TCL There remained but a single one. Has the world's leading Ericsson and NOKIA in the mobile phone market has disappeared. TCL mobile phone development in the overseas market rapidly, but the domestic market after several ups and downs. Today, we call China District re resurgence of the horn, start again!

to this end, TCL from the marketing strategy to carry out the reform. The launch of TCL 950, TCL 750, TCL 580 models, covering high school low in different markets, and play as "early, jiandanqinxin" feelings cards, hoping to attract the attention of consumers.

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intelligent mobile phone "but after years of education," vote by foot "domestic consumers have already learned". The pursuit of brand value of multi choice apple, Samsung and other high-end mobile phones, while the flagship price of the phone market has long been divided". In the brand marketing and channel TCL, but also "blue green Dachang" OPPO and vivo. It can be said, in the transition from the functional machine to the smart machine and the layout of the domestic smart phone market, TCL has missed the first opportunity.

2016 in the first half of the year, China's TCL communications revenue was HK $400 million, down about 69%.

and TCL mobile phone in the country's poor performance, may be caused by the root causes of the layoffs. But in addition to the restructuring of the company's staff, if you want to restore the TCL communication Chinese district "flagging", we must rethink and layout from the strategy. Figure

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