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Sky high price lol won team

wangyiyouxi· 2016-12-01 00:10:11

's famous "hero League" player Faker in determining and SKT after the contract, many people are guessing in his new contract with SKT, the annual salary is high enough. According to South Korean gaming industry sources speculated that, out of the SKT to Faker price is about $2 million 550 thousand, South Korean news website Naver reported that.

"in fact the real number may be even higher, but at least you can get the number ($2 million 550 thousand). "A close to South Korean gaming circles of translation. Class= img_box "

Faker last year's annual salary is $850 thousand. In addition, Faker's former teammate, Gyeong-Hwan "Marin" LGD in the LGD team signed with the Chinese Jang out of the annual salary is $1 million 700 thousand. More than $

255 million annual salary is Korea E-sports ever out of the highest salary, the number is close to South Korea's occupation baseball player. In addition, the annual salary does not include the sale of Games Riot can be divided into.

issued shortly before the KeSAP Gaming Awards ceremony, due to the excellent performance in the S6 finals, Faker won the "best league player", "the most popular hero league players" and the year award.

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