Shock! The slaughter house actually has "the underground hi field"

The slaughterhouse the suspect confessed dens

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recently, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau in the area of the Mount Lu Avenue South of a slaughterhouse, destroyed an underground mob drug dens, arrested 28 criminal suspects, criminal detention of 4 people, 22 people in administrative detention, 3 community drug treatment, compulsory treatment of 1 people, seized 64 imitation 2 pistol, 6 bullets, "K" number.

crime scene

11 on Sept. 3 at 22 PM, after opening branch Kau Bridge police station by Mopai found in the area of South Mount Lu Boulevard a slaughter floor suspected drugs, the police preliminary judgment for a mob drug dens, and quickly to the Bureau leadership report. After receiving the report, Bureau attaches great importance to develop overnight investigation plan and quickly assembled Kau Bridge police station, the Criminal Investigation Brigade, the brigade of more than 40 police officers. At 0 PM, quickly into the slaughterhouse action group, more than 20 suspects in the room are drug control, and seized part of the drug has not finished taking the drug and tools, at the same time, found that two of the suspects in the imitation 64 pistol and driving the vehicle inspection (identified by standard powder gun power, 6 bullets).

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seized several

" seized two imitation 64 the pistol, 6 bullets

the investigation: crime suspect Yu Mouyu, Min Mouhong, Min Mouping, Sun Mou is the illegal possession of firearms and confessed to the crime of illegal suspects; Hu Moubao, Yang Mouwei, Yu Mouyu, Sun Mou is 22 people tested positive for taking drugs, illegal confessed.


at present, the suspect Yu Mouyu, Min Mouhong, min, Sohn was a four equal has been under criminal detention according to law; illegal suspects, Yang Mouwei, Yu Mouyu, Hu Moubao Sohn was 22 people have been detained according to law, in which Xiong Mouhua James, Ceng Moubin, and Min Mouping to community rehabilitation, compulsory detoxification. The case is still in the process of further processing.

source: Open Public Security Bureau

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